How To Sign In For Cross Server War Legacy Of Discord

Discord offers cross-server benefits to users. This means that users can now enjoy cross-server platforms on discord. The task can be accomplished following simple steps. It only takes a few clicks and selections to enjoy war legacy on discord.

Before you get started you need to keep in mind that you should have access to the invite link. If your friends are using war legacy on Discord, then you can ask them to send you an invite link once you have the invite link, you can easily enjoy war legacy on Discord cross-server.

It is also possible to sign in discord to enjoy war legacy from any of the public servers. You just have to perform a simple search on the server directory. The link can be added to the server directory in advance before joining. 

Join from any device

The first benefit of using the discord app is that you will be able to access it using any device. So you can enjoy War Legacy from your laptop, desktop or even your mobile device. In each case, you may have to download and install the right version.

You can search for a download version for your mobile device or desktop. The laptop and desktop can use the same version. Always ensure that you maintain the external link handy with you in a safe location.

Always maintain an invite link

One advantage of Discord is that you can enjoy any cross-server channel if you have the right invite link so without an invite it may not be possible. The moment you receive an invite link, you also need to keep in mind that most invite links may only be valid for twenty-four hours.

This means that the link has to be used within that period. If the invite is received, then you have to act within the time till it is valid.

Log in to the official account

It is easy to join the War Legacy on the discord cross-server list. Users will be able to join the external server from the directory list. You do not need any invite link here. The Discord app will provide with search option.

Users can make use of the search server option. The Icon can be located on the main screen. You can search for the War Legacy cross-server using the relevant keyword or server name. Then, you will be provided with the complete list on the screen.

You just have to click the right option link. This task can only be performed if you log in to your user account on the discord.

Add server option

On the discord app, you also have the advantage to add any server name. The option can be selected by clicking the “+” sign on the screen. The server name that you want to connect to has to be added to the existing list of servers.

In case you are already having the name in the list, then you can skip adding the server name. You can simply select the server and join it.

Join the server

Once the server is added or located, you can now join it from your discord app account page. You have to select the right option. You can also create a server. Once joined, you can now paste the invite link in the box.

You will be provided with the option to join the invite. You can attempt the sign in discord option within few minutes. Once you are connected you will be able to enjoy it.

The same method has to be followed to join the war legacy cross-server from your mobile device as well. You can also look around for easy-to-use tutorials online.

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