How To Set Up The Best Room For Guests

There is no house without guests, some have many and others have less. It is not true that guests always come on some special occasions but they can be anywhere anytime so there must be a room or someplace set up for them to be tension free. Every home has a guest room or a specific corner for the people who visit home or stay for some days. There is a well-known quotation that “A guest never forgets the host who has treated him kindly”. As it is depicted from the above quote host must behave kindly and gently with the guest or visitor as they will not stay forever in your home. You can hire any professional from the top 10 interior fit out companies in Dubai for this. Here are some of the ideas that will help you to provide your guests with a comfortable, relaxing environment while their stay.

Bedding ideas:

There are various bedding ideas like you can use the mattress, floor bedding or any else. While choosing a mattress never compromise on the quality of it as the guests might be coming from a long journey so they want to just relax. It must be cosy and comfortable. Use blankets or comforters as per the weather conditions. If the guests are much you can use floor bedding just put some mattress and beddings on the floor this is a great idea because the guests will have more time to spend with each other. Use colourful sheets and pillows to give them a relaxing touch. You can choose according to your air condition requirement & budget.

Make it Practical:

It is always better to think about their requirements and manage everything accordingly like putting everything in their need. Always put extra toothbrushes, towels, tissue papers or anything that might be useable. Try to on put iron or some hangers so they can manage their

clothes by themselves and come out of the room ready. It’s not formal that they have to ask for everything from you and you must put everything nearby you can also use tags for this purpose so it will be easy to find anything.

Use Blackout curtains:

Using blackout curtains is a good step as if the guests are coming from a long journey and they had not enough sleep so they will get disturbed by the sunlight these curtains will avoid it.

There is another factor of privacy behind this idea as everyone needs some private time. Match the colour of the curtains with the decor of the room or pillow cover or bedsheets to give the room a glowy look.

Wooden desk:

Place a wooden desk as it will be adjusted in a corner and will not cover much space. Also, it will have drawers to put essential items in it or the surface can be used to put documents or laptops easily without any discomfort. Always put it at a place where it can be easily accessible.

Offer an Activity:

There must be an activity like you can put any kind of puzzles or yoga mattress as the guests may like to spend some time on it to feel fresh and concentrated. You can also place any other indoor game to help them out with this. If they gave kids with them then place kids related items like cartoons, playing cars. So they can spend some time playing without boredom.

White noise machine:

As the guests might be coming from any gathering or party night so they must be in a room where there is no noise from the outside like traffic, birds, barking dogs or kids playing in the street so try to put a white noise machine to avoid extra voices. It will be cost-effective and will provide the guests with the comfort they need.

Mediation Cushions:

There is also another unique idea you can also put mediation Cushions so they can easily perform their mediation by ignoring the rest of the world and just focusing on their breathing posture. This cushion will provide their back with comfy support that will give them a relaxing meditation.

Add some books or novels:

As everyone knows, one must turn off the lights before sleeping. The lights coming from laptops, mobiles are not good for eyesight as well as they create a disturbance of hormones that

stimulate peaceful sleep. So you can put any good books or novels to let them enjoy theirs before sleep time. For kids, you can place kids stories like harry potter or any other.

Add some snacks:

You can also put some snacks for the guests to enjoy while watching a movie or TV series. These may include some noodles, pasta or lays. But must be careful about the ingress that might be

allergic to them by asking or telling them as some may be allergic to eggs, ginger or anything else. If they have kids you can also add up some kids related snacks.

Manage time:

It’s not good to just spend your time helping them with all these needs and giving no time to them. Always make time to spend with them try some outgoings, shopping’s, discussions and be friendly with. As they are coming to meet you not just to relax in your home.


Everyone wants to have some good times with their loved ones and it is a two-way process as they are coming to your home and you will be going to theirs. So always try to give them long-lasting moments as they will remember this feeling whenever you will be visiting their house.

You can use many other ideas to decorate a well and best guest room for your as well as the visitor’s satisfaction. Some other ideas can be taken from the decor design for restaurant design UAE as they are providing the best services for interior design and home renovation as well.

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