How to Sell Your House for Cash

Are you in a financial bind and looking for a cash influx fast? Maybe you are part of the 1-in-4 Americans who are having trouble paying their bills after the economic fallout from the pandemic?

Whatever your reason for selling a house and wanting quick cash, stop searching for ‘how to sell my house fast for cash’ online because we have got you covered with our guide below. Keep reading!

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Declutter Your Home and Improve Curb Appeal

Before you even start the process of selling your home for cash, you need to do some prep work. If you want to ensure you get the highest possible return on your home, and the biggest amount of cash in your pocket after selling a home, your house needs to look top-notch.

Don’t worry. You won’t need to spend a lot of cash on this (especially cash you don’t have).

Think about decluttering your home first. Remove everything that’s unnecessary and that makes your house feel overstuffed and overpowering. You can put these unwanted items into storage if you wish, or better yet, sell them online or at a garage sale for more cash in your pocket.

Also, look at adding some lighting (cheap lamps from IKEA or other home lighting stores will do) and making your home feel brighter and homier.

Next, you need to look at your front yard and remove all weeds, garbage, and other unsavory items. Upgrade your curb appeal to ensure that your first impressions (that count a lot) are as positive as possible. Declutter your garage and attic as well, so potential cash buyers will feel like paying your asking price is getting a bargain.

Research Some Cash-for-Home Companies

There are many legitimate (and not-so-legitimate) companies out there who buy homes for cash. If this is your first time finding a cash buyer for your home, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.

But follow your gut and do your due diligence when it comes to choosing the best company for you.

Check the BBB rating for each company you look at and don’t forget to check out online reviews on these companies to ensure they are not a scam. If you have a real estate agent that you work with, they might have referrals for cash-for-home companies, so ask them first. Also, you could ask friends, families, and colleagues if they know of any companies that buy homes for cash.

Every company you deal with must have official proof of funds from the buyer’s bank. Without this, you have no idea if the company can give you hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash without delay.

If time is of the essence when it comes to this cash deal, then all the research you do beforehand will result in big gains afterward. It will also ensure that you don’t get caught up in a deal that takes forever to close or never closes at all.

Contact Them With Your House Details

Every cash-for-home company (who say we buy houses) has a spot on its website where you can submit details of your home. The company representative will check your home details and if they are interested, they will contact you right away to take a look around and make a cash deal.

If you’ve done your prep work, you are ready to invite these reps into your home and allow them to see what a great deal your home is. They will be excited and overjoyed to do a deal with you and to purchase your home. And you will be happy to finally have cash in hand to pay off those bills and move on with your life.

Make a Deal and Get Your Cash in Hand

Once you request an offer (either online through the website or by phone), you will inform the cash buyer if you are selling the house as-is or if you are willing to do some repairs.

The cash buyer will evaluate your home to see what they think is the best price for it. Once they are ready to make a deal, they will create a contract, which you should review carefully. Have a friend familiar with legalese with you to ensure that you don’t make a mistake on this deal.

You should already have asked for official proof of funds, so you are assured that this company has the funds available for the deal. If their inspections pass review, you can fast-forward to closing. As you don’t have to get approved for a mortgage, closings with cash buyers are quick and painless.

If there are no issues with the title, the cash buyer will give you cash in hand as soon as the contract has been signed. They will either wire the funds to your bank or whatever other financial institution you work with.

Don’t worry – the cash buyers don’t actually show up with briefcases full of cash, which means you don’t have to spend hours and hours counting all the cash and ensuring that the bills are real. What a nightmare that would be!

“Sell My House Fast for Cash” – Cash Buyers Are Legitimate

Don’t worry. If you are searching online for ‘sell my house fast for cash’, you might get a couple of scam artists in your inbox, but most of the cash buyer companies out there are legitimate and legal.

These companies are either buy-and-hold investors, or they flip houses by upgrading them and selling them for a profit. Whatever they do with your home after you sell it to them doesn’t really matter to you after all. All you care about is that you have your cash in hand to do with as you please.

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