How to Sell Real Estate in Las Vegas Fast: A Guide

With home values in the city rising to more than 26.5%, knowing how to price your property can be a challenge. The faster you drum up interest in the property, the faster it will take to close.

With no experience in real estate in Las Vegas, you may make a couple of mistakes. Arming yourself with the basics of the sales process can help you avoid these pitfalls.

You have to be prepared for the uncertainties that come with the sale. Be ready to show potential buyers around your property when that time comes.

Knowing how to control the factors that affect the sale can get you a good offer. Stick to the following tips when looking to sell your real estate property in Las Vegas fast.

Clean and Declutter

Your property should be clean and clutter-free before listing it up for sale. Pack away your personal belongings and store them in a storage unit. Rooms that look messy, small or crowded are unappealing to potential buyers.

Take time organizing the closets, pantries, and storage areas. Leave some room in the storage areas to create an impression that your property has ample storage.

Remove any personal belongings such as religious items, keepsakes, and family photos from the property. These items may make it difficult for some buyers to picture themselves inhabiting the structure. Remember to deep clean all rooms, including the bathroom tiles, kitchen cabinets, and baseboards.

Take Care of Any Necessary Repairs

Since you won’t have time to do major renovations, handle any quick repairs in the building. Fix the loose tiles and patch up surfaces with scratches or peels. Tighten any leaky faucets and repair all loose door handles.

Only repair parts of the property that are likely to catch the buyer’s attention. Invest in minor upgrades such as a fresh paint coat and new cabinets to make the home more appealing. Buy new appliances and swap out outdated or old light fixtures for the same effect.

Choose a Selling Strategy

Your sale options include selling with a real estate agent or selling for sale by owner. Each option has good and bad sides to your situation.

You save on agent commission fees if you choose to go the FSBO (for sale by owner) route. The downside is that you’ll handle all paperwork and negotiations by yourself. You need to have expert knowledge of the sale process to sell property quickly.

Selling your property through an agent like Leslie Hoke ( will take the stress out of the job. The best real estate agents streamline the negotiation, contract prep work, and closing. It’s faster, easier, and stress-free.

Alternative strategies include selling to an investor or a developer. You may also auction off the property, though it’s likely to get a lower sales price through this route.

Price Your Property Competitively

A competitive price can speed up the selling process when you don’t have time by your side. Choose a price based on the state of the Las Vegas real estate market. You should also check out comparable properties selling in your locality.

Consider the specific price points most buyers look for within your location. Choosing a figure above the price point is unlikely to attract potential buyers.

Have a timeline for lowering your price if you don’t get any offers. You may reduce the price based on responses potential buyers gave from home tours. Your odds of selling will reduce if you list the property in the market for a long time.

Stage the Property for Viewing

Spruce up the property’s interior and exterior to make a good first impression. You may hire a stager to help make the rooms appear bigger and define spaces. The stager will carry their own furnishings and arrange the home to highlight its best features.

Before the stager arrives, hire a professional landscaper to tidy up the exteriors. The specialist should trim any overgrown branches, clear paths, and clean the windows/doors. They should also plant flowers and sweep away debris from the porch.

Create a Listing

Create an appealing listing description to help your property sell faster. Your real estate agent can write one for you to improve the odds of selling.

A good listing should capture your property’s best features with captivating keywords. It should also include a list of amenities and professional photos.

Including a sense of urgency in the listing can also appeal to buyers.
Your agent will help you post the listing to your local MLS (multiple listing services).

The listing will later appear on major real estate search websites. Posting the listing on social media or placing signs and flyers can also work.

Hold Showings/Tours

Be accommodating to showing requests for potential buyers to have a feel of the house. You can hold an open house on the weekend to get several buyers to the property. Ensure that the home is clutter-free and appealing before the showings.

With the help of your agent, you may host a virtual open tour of the property. The video must be high quality to paint your home in the best light. Record a video of the structure and accompany it with a voiceover for the tour to be interactive.

The open houses or showings generate leads that you can convert into a sale. They increase your property’s exposure and allow you to interact with buyers one-on-one.

Learn More About Real Estate in Las Vegas, NV

A tight deadline can make it stressful to sell real estate in Las Vegas if you don’t know where to start. Whatever the reason for speeding up the sale, certain tips can help you get the best outcomes. Note that the property’s curb appeal and your selling strategies can improve the sale.

Hire a real estate agent to handle most of the legwork for you. Prior to the viewings, declutter the property and boost the curb appeal for a good first impression. Price the property competitively and be accommodating to price adjustments.

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