How to Remove Paint From Different Types of Walls

Did you know that the cost of paint rose by more than 10% last year in the United States?

Supply chain issues are much to blame for this cost increase. If you need to paint your home, it’s important to make the most of your colors.

Removing the previous layer of paint can help you save money on paint since you won’t have to apply as many coats.

Continue reading to discover the best way to remove paint from any wall surface in your home!


Whether you are working inside or outside, paint on brick can become tacky and cause a mess.

If you are interested in DIY paint removal for bricks, you should invest in paint and varnish stripping gel. Brick is a porous material, which makes it difficult to remove all of the paint. The gel will stick to the brick and start thinning the paint for easy removal.

Most people recommend using a stiff brush for scrubbing the gel more. You may have to remove paint from brick more than once to get rid of all of the previous colors.


If you want to remove paint before sanding concrete, you will need to buy some acetone.

Acetone and commercial paint strippers are recommended since they can penetrate porous materials. You should let them soak on the paint and concrete for about 20 minutes and use a scrubber and powerwasher to remove the paint.

Removing paint from concrete when you are indoors can be dangerous if there isn’t enough ventilation. Open the windows and wear a breathing ventilator to ensure that you don’t inhale harmful chemicals. It’s also a good idea to wear goggles and gloves no matter what surface you are working with.


One of the most common surfaces to remove paint from is drywall, which is standard in most homes.

To protect the rest of the room, you’ll want to use tarps and covers on vulnerable materials. A paint remover, which is a mixture of chemicals that thin the paint is best. You can also look into paint strippers that are in a gel-like texture.

Use a paint roller to apply the stripper and coat the entire surface. As the stripper begins to work, you will notice bubbles. Use a metal scraper to remove the bubbles and paint.

After all of the stripper and paint has been removed, you can clean the walls with cold water. If the removal causes damage to the drywall, NestKoo can help with repairs.

Will You Waste Time Trying to Remove Paint?

Learning how to remove paint can help save you time and money.

Without the previous layer of paint, you won’t have to apply as many coats of the new color. Whether you are working with drywall or brick, thinning and stripping gel can get the job done. Keep in mind that the type of wall you are removing paint from will determine your scrubbing tools.

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