How to promote sports website through Instagram

Sports is an interesting field that we all like to follow. People who are looking for latest news in dealing with sports must have access to the latest sports website. It is an interesting field as many people like to watch sports live. However, it is not always possible to watch the sports live; then you need a website related to sports. Sports is an amazing field where people have invested lots of money.

There are many football clubs around the world and people like to watch the matches live. There are many fans who would like to watch the news as well. However, there are very few websites which also provides highlights of the previous matches. It is always good to have such sites at your disposal where you can watch some highlights and news altogether. As per new report, everyday almost 1 million new users always stay active in GetInsta.

Why is good to use social media

However, there are many similar kinds of sites in the world and you just have to be one step ahead of the competitors. Due to the new search engine techniques and changes in algorithm, you just have to be always visible to others. Due to this fact you have to use something special medium which can help you to stay visible to the client. Due to the changes of algorithm, Instagram is now more popular than before.

When we talk about social media, we first talk about Instagram for your help. With more than 1 billion active customers, Instagram is one of the most popular media. Comparing with other type of media like Facebook, Instagram has 800 million monthly users. With this news, you can imagine how powerful this medium is. People daily use free Instagram followers. As per new data, 39% people say that they have become active users who stay in Instagram more than other medium for amusement; whereas almost 76% people uses it for their business purposes.

Use the proper medium

Though Instagram is owned by the Facebook, people are active in Instagram 5 – 8 hours more than the Facebook. As per new data, people post around daily almost 56 million or more in Instagram and most of the post was related to the brand. People who are actively seeking customers for their brand can use this medium as best one. If you want to engage with the people the best way to increase the brand awareness in Through Instagram contest. Here,

Due to the inbuilt features, contest entries are one of the easy options where you can automatically get added to free Instagram likes, a feature that shows photo captions and votes. Moreover, you can also use a branded hashtag. It is a powerful tool which will help each photo contest entry and makes its own unique URL. Hence, it will help your contest go viral. Famoid is also one of the best service provider for all your social media needs.

Use best features

The best things about this feature are as a business owner you can also add voting options to your photo contest. Thus, you will be able to collect voter information and understand the need of the customer. To enable the options, you have to require email addresses for votes. Then you also must enable captcha voting. In this feature you can also limit voter participation.

If you want to make your brand visible to the public, it is always good to use business feature. This feature is designed to make more visible. Due to the increased use in social media, you can switch to the business account. You can also add an Instagram like button and show Instagram Fonts.


Try to use above mentioned steps to get best out of it.

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