How to prepare for an exam in a limited time?

Many students have a habit of postponing things, when the exams come close, they lose hope that they can do the exam nicely, and do not even make any efforts. This behavior is very wrong, competition has increased a lot so you must be serious for studies. If you were not able to study from the beginning of the session due to some reason, you do not need to worry if you have less time, you need to concentrate on time.

At this point, you should have time management skills. As you have less time, leave everything else in the world, forget if one even exists, it is just you, and your studies. Leaves social media for some time, stops traveling, stops waste of time activities. You just need to direct what you are studying. Decide a place to study, it is important that which place you are deciding.

You have to select a proper place where there is no disturbance, no one is around you. Spend less time with friends, they will just serve as distractions at the time of examination. When teachers do online teaching on an online live classes app, listen carefully. As there is no time to cover every question deeply, you need to focus on the important topics. Do not be lazy in studying, you need to cover a lot of syllabi so you should be ready to study for long hours.

You have to make a proper schedule which is not hard to follow, manage your time for each activity. This time you have to put your brain more, hard work alone is not going to work, your smartness will decide how much syllabus you can cover in less time. Do not do any other task while studying, you should focus on only one thing that is smart work and study. Everyone has a different way of studying, you have to decide which is the best method for you.

You have less time and do not know about the important topics so practice previous years’ question papers, you will understand which topics are important if you are lucky you can even get some same questions in your exam. So it is important for you to study from previous years’ question papers, you will know the pattern and get an idea of how much you have for each section and each question.

It is important to write main points while studying, when you complete note-making, revise your notes. Regardless of the medium that you are using to study, be it online teaching apps oir traditional classes, it is important to note down the main points.  In this way, you will be able to remember the topics for a long time. Remember that you need to write all the notes in one place so that it is easy for you to revise at the time of revision. Breaks are fine while studying but you can not take breaks for a long time, you already do not have enough time, you should remember that your percentage is conditional on how well you can utilize time.

Many students take a lot of stress in this situation when the time is less and the syllabus is very much. You need to stay positive, do not lose hope that you can not do, you can do anything in your life if you have passion for that! You need to sleep for six hours a day, do not reduce the sleeping time, it will just reduce your energy. Take a healthy diet daily, eat your food regularly. Many students do not eat properly in this period and it makes the situation worse as they get sick. So sleep and eat properly to maintain energy in your body. Study with full concentration, best of luck!

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