How to Get Motivated to Exercise: 4 Easy Tips

Wondering how you can become like the people you see hitting their workouts every morning at 5 AM? While that time of day might not be for you, working out still can be!

Follow our four tips on how to get motivated to exercise that will get you up and moving. Read along now!

Tip 1: Find What Works for You

It’s easy to compare yourself with what you see on social media or at the gym. While having inspiration to start working out is great, it’s not ideal to mimic exactly what someone else is doing for a few reasons.

What motivates you to work out may be different than your friend or influencer. Your body type is unique to you, and the way your metabolism functions is not the same as the person next to you at the gym.

Do some research on what types of exercises will help you reach the goals that you have for yourself. Don’t take up someone else’s program thinking it will work the same for you.

If you don’t see the same results, you’ll end up disappointed and giving up. Also, check out these common home workout mistakes to keep you headed in the right direction from the beginning.

Tip 2: Enlist Help

Did you know that having a workout partner not only makes you more likely to stick to a fitness routine but also can increase the amount of time that you exercise? Grab a friend, your spouse, or even a trainer to help you stay accountable and to create workout motivation!

If it helps to not have to create your workout plan, a trainer can help you. They will design a routine for your goals and body type and teach you how to do each exercise.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

If you can’t pay a trainer or don’t have a workout buddy to help, try some classes! You might meet someone there that would love for you both to keep each other accountable, and you’ll have fun in the process.

Tip 3: Create a Habit

Routines are good for your health all around. Instead of leaving each day to chance on whether or not you’ll work out, set a day and time on your calendar for your workouts and create a workout routine. You’ll feel more responsibility to yourself to follow through.

If routines are hard with your lifestyle or personality, set a goal or how many hours of exercise you want to meet each week.

Tip 4: Set Attainable Goals

We all want to drop 5-20 pounds in a week or have abs of steel in a month. However, those just aren’t realistic if you’re just starting.

Start small with weekly goals of how many workouts you’d like to get in, and go from there.

Final Tip on How to Get Motivated to Exercise

Remember the benefits of exercising! If your motivation is to be healthier overall, know that better sleep, reduced anxiety, and a strong heart are all benefits of working out. For more health and fitness tips like how to get motivated to exercise, continue reading in our lifestyle section!

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