How to Declutter Before Moving Without Making a Bigger Mess

You’re going to be moving within the next few weeks. There’s a lot that you’ve still got to do. Between packing and selling your old home, you feel like you’re running around like a crazy person.

We hate to say it, but there’s one more thing that you need to add to your to-do list. That thing is decluttering.

Reducing your things down to only the basic necessities will make the transition to your new place a lot less stressful. If you declutter before moving, it will also save you money. The fewer boxes you have to put in the moving truck, the better.

Are you ready to get started? Check out this guide to learn how to declutter a home.

Motivate Yourself

With all the things you’ve got to take care of before moving, decluttering your home will feel more like a burden than anything. It won’t be easy to motivate yourself to do it.

When you feel like stopping, take a moment to remind yourself that decluttering will save you money with the movers. Getting rid of things that you don’t need anymore can also feel refreshing in a way. Try to ride that feel-good productivity wave for as long as you can.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

The last thing you want is to put off your decluttering until the last minute. If you wait until the day the movers are supposed to arrive, you’ll be tempted to just throw everything into boxes instead of sorting it.

When packing for a move and getting rid of your belongings, you’ll want to start at least two weeks beforehand.

Start With Things You Don’t Use Much

It can be a little daunting to begin your decluttering in the living room. It’s where you keep a vast majority of your stuff, so there’s a lot that you’ll have to comb through.

You’ll feel much more productive if you start with lesser-used rooms first. It will allow you to get a good flow going before you try to tackle the bigger sections of your house.

Use Your Extra Stuff

Buying things in bulk is all fun and games until you’ve got to pack your extra toiletries and shampoo. Bringing it along will be a pain.

That’s why moving and packing tips dictate that you use up these items ahead of time. If you run out of your bulk toilet paper before you move, buy a smaller package that will get you by until you get to the new place.

Declutter Before Moving to a New Home

With all the things you’ve got to do before you move, the last thing you want is to declutter. It takes up so much time that you could use to pack.

If you use the right tactics, however, it’s a snap to declutter before moving. Instead of being a burden, it can be an asset that will make your transition to a new home less stressful.

For more tips that will help you prepare for moving day, feel free to explore the rest of our blog.

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