How To Create Amazing Photo Displays on Walls

You can have the best furniture, the ideal layout, and the perfect color scheme, but your space could look more like a bland Bed and Breakfast without something personal. But how do you take your interior design to the next level?

Adding a touch of something special can turn a dull but well-decorated room into something beautiful, honoring sentimental memories. An easy way that is great for a weekend project is to create photo displays on walls.

If this sounds like something you want to get stuck into this weekend, keep reading as we give you some ideas for your next home decor project.

Find the Right Frame

Choosing the right frames for your family photos can really determine how impactful your feature wall will be. For busier, more detailed images, choose a simple frame so as not to detract from the photo. On the other hand, with more simple photographs or even polaroid images, you can select quite an ornate frame and still have it look cohesive without being cluttered.

Half the fun of putting your photographs on a wall is finding the right frames. Visit shops, thrift stores, and flea markets to find some bespoke frames.

Try Something Asymmetrical

Sometimes, something too symmetrical can come across as a little boring, so don’t be afraid to mix it up. For example, if you’re framing a window with some artwork, consider using a single, large frame on one side of the window and two smaller frames on the other side. Also, play around with the colors of your frames, mixing subtle with bold for an even bigger statement.

Incorporate Your Family & Friends

Instead of using traditional artwork on your walls, use photographs you have taken of your family or your friends. Maybe you went on an overseas trip, and you have photos from that – perfect. Add them all so you can look back over time and relive all the special moments of your past.

You can even get family or friends to each choose a photo of themselves to contribute, making the family photo wall even more special.

Theme Your Photo Displays on Walls

Choosing a theme doesn’t mean you have to go overboard or make it too obvious. Themes can also be subtle, like having matching frame materials (all wooden or all black, for example), or having each photo bordered by a frame mat can create a unified design for photo displays on walls.

If you’re not using artwork or family photos, consider using trinkets to create a theme. For example, using different shaped and aged keys in their own frame can make quite a unique art piece on the wall.

Let Your Creativity Flow

Whether it’s fine art or framed photographs you want to display, having a feature wall has proven to be a timeless, classic option. Photo displays on walls are easy to dress up or down, and it’s something you could whip up in a few hours over a weekend.

Don’t go it alone; ask a friend to help. It’s a great time spent together, and having a second set of hands and eyes handy doesn’t hurt either.

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