How Raid carry works in World of Warcraft

What is the WoW raid carry service — Help players to get rare items and maunts from the raid dungeon.

World of Warcraft raid dungeons — is one of the directions of the game content. It can take up to several hours a day, and killing all the bosses in a raid drags on for months. A group of 10-30 people try to kill difficult opponents to get valuable rewards from them. Not everyone prefers such a complex and lengthy process of play, so increasingly players are resorting to an alternative method of obtaining loot. We are talking about raid boosting service, which allows you to use the help of other players or the entire guild.

More often than not, a ready raid group invites one or more characters to attend a boss battle to gain achievements, mounts, pets, and items. If the service includes the transfer of loot from other players, then at the end of the raid the leader of the group distributes the loot among these characters. Passing the raid with boosters takes 1-2 hours, that is, everything goes as quickly as possible.

WoW Raid carry Popular at maximum level, when the character has access to the final content of the game. Prior to this, players need to level up and complete the starting chain of quests. Another reason why the raid boosting service is so popular is because many players don’t want to close a raid with random players. It’s better to pay money to an experienced team so that the procedure takes a minimum of time, rather than wiping out on the first boss for 40 minutes.

Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid Features

Shadowlands plot development at the finish line. Developers have announced that update 9.2 is final, and players will have to go to Zereth Mortis to stop The Jailer and his attempts to destroy the universe. He will try to get hold of the ancient ciphers of the Tomb of the Forefathers and rewrite the rules of creation. But to get to the final boss, raiders will have to deal with 10 more dangerous enemies, including Anduin Wrynn, Rygelon, Lords of Dread, and other equally dangerous bosses.

Raid difficulty is traditionally divided into four levels: search raid, normal, heroic and epochal. The differences lie not only in the level of loot obtained from the bosses, but also in the complexity of the mechanics that are present during combat. On epochal difficulty the damage inflicted on the raid increases significantly, new abilities and additional mobs appear. To pass all the bosses, the group will have to prepare, schedule their bursts and save abilions.

Valuable Raid Rewards

In Patch 9.2 announced the long-awaited return of class items, which give their owners a significant increase in damage. It is these items from the set that will become the most valuable loot for the players. Users who want to use the boosting service will definitely want to hire a couple of traders who can pass their tokens to them to create set armor. In addition to class equipment, raid boosting has unique brigand daggers, rings, and accessories with active abilities that increase damage. Another reason to take advantage of the boosting will be three rare mounts and more than thirty unique achievements, which can be obtained by passing the raid Sepulcher of the First Ones. Most of these rewards will be unavailable after the completion of the add-on, so it is worth hurrying to earn them.

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