How PetCulture Can Help Pets This Pandemic

Over the past year, more Australians saw how meaningful the human to animal bond can be, thanks to the widely reported pet adoption surge that has taken place during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While this wave has undoubtedly enriched the lives of those who now find themselves with a new family pet member, it has also given a huge help or impact to the pet industry. During what has been a tough year on such multiple levels, it is a phenomenon that proved to be an important silver lining for retailers. And all we need is a reliable Pet Store where we can buy stuff.

A Gamechanger for Pet Owners

You can find the absolute best of everything for your pet right at PetCulture online pet store. They offer amazing membership bundles that give pet parents (and pets) more value!

How to Register 

They have recently launched! You can also get up to 10% for customers who take advantage of our Auto-Delivery service. This is the first step or action you must do- the mission of happier, healthier pets and pet parents through great experiences.

PetCulture has a drive and passion for being a bit different and so you can expect to see innovative ideas coming very soon. They want to hear your ideas, so drop them a message or a call and help Shape Our Future by checking out their website. You can also get involved and even have your pet featured on their website!

It’s a Giant Leap, Jump, and Hop-forward For Cats and Dogs 

PetCulture’s site is a safe new way to get the absolute best of everything your pet needs to live its best life or 9 lives. And all in one place. You will obtain the highest quality products, the latest professional healthcare advice, and all kinds of amazing discounts and great deals that you will always look forward to – with more exciting features to come, as well. 

The PetCulture membership programs will offer even more great value for you and your pet. We’re talking free delivery options*; unlimited 24/7 access to the pet care professionals at VetChat; free Aussie Hazard pet cover; and up to 20%** off to our products and more. Your pets can even get their profiles so in the future everything is tailored to suit and accommodate your fur baby and their particular needs. 

Live VetChat 

VetCare is Australia’s trusted pet care service, via chat and video call which is no hassle. You can access and use it for $39 per call, or even great, you can get unlimited 24/7 access as part of their Gold membership starting at just $9.95 per month with its introductory offer. 

FitBark Health and Activity Tracker for Your Dogs

Monitor your dog’s activities and its health and wellbeing, with a FitBark tracker device that clips onto your dog’s collar, for $99, but you can get it for free with an annual Gold membership.

Unique Rewards Program, for Pets

This site’s pet experience program rewards you with status points you can use to access discounts, offers, and other high-value rewards, all based on the activity and wellbeing of you and your pet.

More Facts and News About PetCulture

This standalone online pet business, PetCulture, has launched and, already, is attempting to improve the way Aussie businesses see pets. PetCulture is a joint venture between Hollard Group’s PetSure and Woolworths that is being run independently of Woolworths despite the supermarket group’s 60 percent ownership.

PetCulture will also expand on the burgeoning pet care options available across Woolworths Group that could bring more customers. And the company’s first action is to call and let business leaders grant more flexibility when it comes to workers taking care of their pets. The business launched an online petition calling for ‘paternity policies’, allowing workers to use sick leave to take care of sick animals, paternity leave to take care of new pets, and allowing more pets in workplaces.

“Given that our mission is to support and nurture the relationship between pets and pet parents or owners, we’re proud to be leading the charge for Paternity Policies.” According to the company, 81 percent of pet parents support such a shift in policy, while 61 percent believe their workplaces wouldn’t support such a change.

Meaningful Marketing 

Following retailers secure the right inventory for their stores, it’s imperative to communicate new offerings to consumers—and future consumers.  Of course, marketing through social media heavily relied on this past year for PetCulture, and trends indicate that this isn’t going to change. Beyond just promoting the PetCulture store, their website is another avenue to connect with customers directly, hear their concerns, and celebrate their community. Doing something to look forward to and unique or special, and personal, online is memorable—it helps you stand out in the crowd. 

Being purposeful about their marketing approach, and to social media, is key to their strategy’s success. And if you check PetCulture’s website, all you need will be shown in just clicks! That is why PetCulture’s website can cater to anything you need.

Key Takeaway

Become a PetCulture member and enjoy all the benefits including free metro delivery on all orders $49 and over* & discounted regional delivery. And as a PetCulture member receive up to 20% off products** & never miss a sale, with VIP early access to sales and member-only offers.

Furthermore, PetCulture also wants to help by keeping your pet healthy and happy, so you can get free advice, tips, and info from our expert panel of pet nutritionists, check their Paw Talk Blog. They also tailor content specifically to suit your pet’s needs, so you get the right advice, information, and products for your cute fur baby or fur babies. Additionally, you can also select a specific day and time for your pet’s favorite deliveries, or choose the same day or express delivery, for metro locations. Something for everyone – meow!

Lastly, because PetCare focuses on what’s best for you and your pet, they assure that they only offer high-quality brands and products to suit your pet’s needs.

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