How Much Jail Time for Possession of Drugs?

Did you know that many criminal convictions involve illicit substances – even if they weren’t drug charges? About 17% of state convictions and 18% of federal convictions come about when a person was seeking money to buy and use drugs.

This motivation lands people behind bars, doing serious time away from their families and jobs. If you get the cuffs slapped on you and charged with a drug crime of any sort, you need to know what penalties are potentially in front of you.

Here’s what you should know about possession of drugs jail time and other penalties.

Learn the Drug Laws Where You Live

Never forget that drug possession, distribution, and other substance-related crimes are broken down state by state. If you’re trying to beat a charge, it starts with understanding the penalties that you’re facing.

If you’re in the state of Florida, the possession of drugs jail time varies based on a lot of different factors. It all starts with understanding how much of the substance you were in possession of and what your intent was. A person that was using small quantities of drugs will get far less time than someone looking to distribute large quantities.

Depending on the amount, a person can get a minimum of 3 years for drug trafficking even if it’s their first offense. It also depends on the type of drug. Cannabis drug charges get far more leniency in this day and age, while substances like meth and crack cocaine will get you serious time. Study the laws on the books so that you’re aware of the penalties.

Retain a Lawyer ASAP

The only way to truly know where you stand with the law is to hire the help of attorneys. Choose the help of drug crime lawyers that specifically focus on this area of interest. The key is to consult with an attorney as soon as you are arrested for drug charges.

They will help you out from the very beginning during the arraignment in front of the judge. They’ll also assist you with your bail hearing, and will make sure that you’re protected and able to get a fair shake once it’s time to put your case on the docket. Your lawyer is worth every penny because they’ll assist you in working toward the best outcome for your case. Find out how much they charge and sign the contract so that you have a fighting chance.

Consider the Details of Your Situation

Make sure that you work with your lawyer to craft the best defense strategy available. They will consider the details of your arrest and what led up to it, along with working to poke holes in any evidence that the prosecution has against you.

If the evidence is flimsy, they can also help you get the charges dismissed or reduced right away.

Work Toward the Best Outcome

When you’re clear on possession of drugs jail time it’ll help you get the representation that you need. These tips will point you in the right direction so that you can fight a case in the state where the charges are filed.

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