How Much does It Take Zero-based Candidates to Learn Cisco Certification?

Cisco Certification is launched by Cisco, a famous manufacturer in the network field. It is an international authoritative certification in the Internet field. Generally, the Cisco Certification Exam we usually talk about refers to Cisco CCNA, Cisco CCNP and Cisco CCIE Certification. Cisco CCNA and CCNP Exam only include pure theoretical examinations, with low difficulty and low value. Therefore, we recommend that students who have spare time and money must obtain the expert level CCIE Certification in order to really improve their ability and salary.

However, for the exams with high value, the cost of applying for the exams will also be more expensive.

The Examination fee of Each Level of Cisco Certification List

CCNA Exam Fee: 300 USD. The validity period of the certificate is 3 years.

CCNP Exam Fee: it is divided into core written examination and optional written examination (USD 400 + USD 300), and CCNP Certification is also valid for three years.

 To obtain CCIE Certification, candidates need to pass the following course examinations:

1. CCIE Qualification Examination (i.e. written examination, 2 hours) examination fee: USD 400.

2. CCIE experimental examination (i.e. lab, 3-hour troubleshooting + 5-hour deployment, operation and optimization): the registration fees of Hong Kong examination room and mobile examination room are USD 1600 and USD 1900 respectively, and the registration fee of Beijing examination room is USD 2100 (latest adjustment).

CCIE experimental examination is a difficult examination subject, which is also the key factor of the ultra-high value of CCIE Certification. Compared with the pure theory examination of CCNA and CCNP, candidates can not rely on the question bank alone to pass CCIE. Candidates need to have a solid theoretical foundation and practical skills. Obtaining CCIE Certification is undoubtedly the best recognition of the strength of a network engineer.

The high training cost for zero-based candidates to pass Cisco Exam is precisely because the CCIE Exam is very difficult and both the written test and experimental test should be passed. The written test is still relatively simple, so it is difficult to operate in the experimental test. It is also difficult to be proficient without practicing for many times. For candidates who want to take CCIE Exam, it is difficult to learn CCIE by self-study, so many people learn through training. How much does CCIE training cost?

The training cost of CCIE varies according to the class type you choose. In addition, the training cost in different directions is also different. As we said earlier, the CCIE experimental examination will be more difficult, so some candidates will want to ask if they can only train the experimental part of CCIE, which is also possible. In SPOTO, you can directly sign up for the CCIE experimental training course. In EI direction, the original price is USD 2400, and the preferential price is probably USD 2000.

If you think you also want training for the written examination, you can sign up for the CCIE package class. The original price of this class is USD 2900 and the preferential price is USD 2400.

If you are zero-based and need to start from CCNA, you do not need to take CCNA or CCNP courses. You can directly sign up for CCIE course. This class will start from CCNA. The original price is USD 3500, and the preferential price is about USD 3100. The above prices are the prices in EI direction, which will be different in other directions, And the discounts in each period are different. You can consult SPOTO for details! ccie certification training

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