How much does an Aluminium Canopy cost in Melbourne?

Our warehouse in Melbourne has a wide range of aluminium awnings, toolboxes, under-tray toolboxes and aluminium dog boxes ready for immediate removal. A toolbox is a really great idea for your tools, but if you have a lot of tools in the house, you need to call Aluminium Canopy Melbourne and buy a box for your tools. In addition to different types of materials, various canopies are used such as canvas, ABS, fibreglass, aluminium and steel, and there are model specific canopies suitable for the single cockpit, super cockpit (space cockpit), double cockpit and pallet or boxes. lift up.

The unique design of our aluminium dome awning allows us to reduce the weight of each awning without sacrificing strength or durability. Visit our website now to find your new aluminium canopy, or browse our product line of cutlery trays, toolboxes, camping supplies and more. Every alloy canopy we offer is made of durable and lightweight aluminium to provide maximum protection without adding to your body weight. We provide customers with a range of powerful services and custom aluminium carports for cars and other vehicles.

Our high-quality workmanship ensures your awning can withstand the weather and protect your dish tray. If you still want a fibreglass dome shape on a well-structured, you can make it out of steel and aluminium. 

Stolen pallet frame / tarpaulin awning 

* Tarpaulins and toolbox NOT included, sorry 

* Large frame, 1930mm x 1770mm

Frame height from tray floor 1000mm Roof rack height from tray floor 1070mm High-quality tarpaulin. Whether you are looking for an awning or a trailer, you can completely trust us to offer you a product that will last for years.

Our experienced canvas makers can assemble frames and awnings on-site, or create a custom cover to match an existing frame. Some people buy dog crates or partial sheds and only leave the front or back of the litter box empty for other equipment. Check out HSP roofing and quality car accessories that will dramatically improve your SUV experience. You can also purchase fibreglass visors for flat trays, although these are not very common.

Roof racks, under-tray tool boxes, water tanks, under-tray toolboxes, air tanks, interior and exterior lighting, electrical systems, batteries and solar systems, changing rooms, vents, canopy lifting legs, and the list continues to grow.

Our visors are designed to fit perfectly with the curved headboards of our crockery trays, giving you a one-piece, integrated look. On some with double cab, if you are installing an 1800mm pallet or canopy, you will need an extended drawbar or hook, and there may be problems with the trailer wanting to hit the rear of the vehicle on a sharp turn. These are usually aluminium, steel, or composite, and they are essentially the same as a canopy that is attached to a pallet, except that it is a single unit that is attached to a frame.

With over 20 years of industry experience and knowledge, has become a market leader in the design, manufacture and sale of aluminium awnings, toolboxes, trailers and other aluminium products.

The common fibreglass visors seen on the human body are extremely unsafe and can be broken very, very easily. This is one of the reasons I really dislike the bodies and sheds of Utah.


We then design manufacture and install a customized awning or pallet, depending on the needs of the client and the vehicle. Get the best of both worlds with a completely secure canopy for all your tools and other work requirements, while saving some of the tray space for all your other needs. This way, you can maximize your tray space and be able to store large items like generators or other bulky equipment while keeping the canopy completely secure around them.

Half-size canopy with space for a tray behind it; the half/half design is perfect. All of our internal spacers are linked together and can be used to hide wiring throughout the entire awning. Increase storage space and protect your equipment with our range of car roof solutions.

All of our quotes are well known for quality and competition in this industry before we provide them to you. It has always been believed that better-trained employees provide customers with the highest quality service.

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