How Long Does a Mattress Last? A Simple Guide

How long does a mattress last?

If you’re going to be buying a mattress soon, that’s a question you might be asking yourself. The average mattress costs somewhere in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. So you want to be able to get the most life possible out of a mattress.

There are a handful of factors that can have an impact on the lifespan of a mattress. Learn all about them below and keep them in mind when shopping for the best mattresses.


There are so many different types of mattresses you can buy these days. From innerspring and memory foam mattresses to hybrid and latex mattresses, you’ll be able to pick out the one you like the most.

But you should know that each type of mattress is going to last for a different length of time. So you should try to ask the question, “How long does a mattress last?” for each type before selecting the one you want to buy.

Something like a latex mattress might cost you a little more than an innerspring one. But it’s also going to last longer in the grand scheme of things.


The mattress industry is huge at the moment. As a result, there are lots of different brands that specialize in providing people with mattresses.

Ideally, you should always aim to buy a mattress that is manufactured by a reputable mattress brand. It’ll ensure that you’re able to get the most life out of a mattress once you bring it home.

You should also be able to get your hands on a great warranty when you buy a mattress from a brand that has been around for a long time now.


Once you welcome a new mattress into your home, it’ll be your job to take good care of it. You’ll need to vacuum your mattress every so often and get into the habit of rotating it about once every six months.

You should also give thought to hiring a professional mattress cleaning company to assist you with your mattress. They’ll be able to deep clean your mattress to remove stains, dust mites, dead skin, and more.

The harder that you work to care for your mattress, the longer that it should last you.

So, How Long Does a Mattress Last? It’s Going to Depend

There isn’t always a surefire answer to the question, “How long does a mattress last?” As you’ve seen here, there are several factors that can affect the lifespan of a mattress.

You should look to buy the best mattress that you can when you’re in the market for one so that it’ll last for a long time. You should also care for your mattress properly and keep an eye out for signs you need a new mattress.

Would you like to get some additional tips that will help you out around your home? Find them in the other articles on our blog. Would you like to get some additional tips that will help you out around your home? Find them in the other articles on our blog.

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