How Is Bulk SMS Helpful For Election Campaigns In India?

Bulk SMS service is an amazing tool that helps the political parties and politicians to promote their work and to carry on successful political campaigns. The political parties now reach, share an opinion and win the hearts of the voters of their constituencies through digital media. A decade ago, the scenario was quite different. Then the political parties arranged only political rallies and meetings to reach the people. However, with the advent of new technology, everything in the world as well as India is changing. New technology is also influencing election campaigns in India. Free bulk SMS service, an important digital media, is a great boon of the technological invention to the political parties.

What Is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS service is a service that helps to dispatch a large number of messages to a large number of people at once. Bulk SMS marketing is the best platform to deliver several messages quickly, safely, and directly to the supporters of the political parties. If you use SMS marketing for political campaigns, you will get benefits from it.

In bulk SMS service, as messages are bought and sent in bulk, they are cheaper than regular text messages sent for personal communication with others. Therefore free bulk SMS is cheaper than personal text messages and email. Even bulk SMS is more effective than email.

As bulk SMS marketing service enables its users to communicate with a lot of people very fast, this service can be used externally or internally. External use means marketing political campaigns and informing and announcing to the voters. Internal use means you can send notifications to other supporters of your political party.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Popularity Of SMS?

Nowadays, most people use mobile phones for communication with other people. The advantage of sending messages is that everyone can send and read messages. The technology is so simple that it doesn’t need any technical knowledge or technical literacy. Even a smart-phone or internet connection is not mandatory. That’s why, this is the best platform to communicate with people. Consequently, bulk SMS service is gaining popularity among people day by day.

How To Use Free Bulk SMS Service?

No worries! It is quite easy to use free bulk SMS service.

1st, select one bulk SMS service provider.

2nd, create your account

3rd, create a list of supporters or voters to whom you want to send messages.

4th, upload the list of people

5th, compose the text message for sending

6th, send the message by clicking the ‘send’ button.

Election Campaigns In India & Bulk SMS For Election

Now poll authorities provide pre-certification to the political parties and candidates about bulk SMS and recorded voice messages. This pre-certification allows the political parties to send messages to voters. Now, sending free bulk SMS is a part and parcel of their election campaign.

In April 2004, the Supreme Court ordered the Election Commission to issue a pre-certification of political campaigns via digital media including bulk SMS. So, getting pre-certification before sending political messages from poll authorities is mandatory.

The Election Commission had ordered monitoring the message contents of free bulk SMS before sending to voters during the election campaign. That’s how sending objectionable content to the voters can be stopped during the election campaign. The Election Commission had ordered police to monitor free bulk SMS because this feature may lead to sending of malicious and vilifying materials in election campaigns.

The political candidates must submit to the office of the chief electoral officer (CEO) the copies of the bulk SMS election campaign. They also need to disclose their Ids on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for monitoring.

Since 2013, the entire concept of election campaigning underwent an unprecedented revolution. The political parties started micro-targeting. They used new age technology including sending bulk SMS for election to several vote banks. Bulk SMS marketing service improves the communication between electors and politicians. In the 2014 election campaign, the political parties were not confined to the conventional media like Television and radio. The parties announced digital rallies and crowd fundraising through bulk SMS service.

Why Do Politicians Choose SMS Service For Election Campaigns?

Here are the reasons why politicians and political parties choose bulk SMS services for election campaigns.

All the political parties want effective and powerful election campaigns. With the change of the world, election campaigns also have changed their nature. The politicians not only use newspapers, radio, television but also use social media, bulk SMS service, internet, etc. Therefore, nowadays, election campaigns are more effective and powerful. They can reach the public of their constituencies now more easily and quickly than before. Bulk SMS service is one of the significant mediums for promoting the work of political parties. Thus, they set up successful campaigns.

Advantages Of Bulk SMS Service For Election Campaigns

#1. Curtail Your Advertisement Cost

One of the important causes of opting for bulk SMS service for election campaigns is the low cost of this marketing service. Election campaigns are generally costly. So the political parties now choose a cost-effective but powerful technique to promote their work. Moreover, it is easy to handle. Economic bulk SMS service helps you to save your penny. You don’t need to spend thousands of rupees on promotional work and advertisements.

#2. Express Your Opinion Through Message Successfully

Today, almost all people are equipped with mobile phones. So, reaching the voters through sending messages is very easy and affordable. You can share your opinion through messages just instantly to the bulk of people. Bulk SMS will reach a huge audience all at once. The success rate of reaching messages is about 98%.

#3. Warn People And Make Announcements

You may make announcements of any events or warn people about any incident through bulk SMS. An affordable free bulk SMS marketing plan will help you to share current information and all the updates about the election campaign with the supporters. This technology enables local supporters to take part in volunteering opportunities at the upcoming event. You will be able to feel your presence among people with the help of this multi-beneficial service.

#4. Personalise Your Message And Make Powerful Campaign

If you personalise your message, you will be able to interact with people in a better way. Not only that you can connect with them effectively. So, an effective, powerful and successful election campaign requires a wider reach to a wide range of people. Convey your feelings and emotion via personalised message to the voters.

An expert bulk SMS service provider can help you make things fast and easy.

Features Offered By Bulk SMS Service Provider

Is It Legal To Send Political Text Messages?

Before sending bulk political SMS, SMS marketing ensures that your election campaign complies with industry rules and regulations.

Bulk SMS Service Best Practices

Bottom Line

Thus we may conclude that bulk SMS service providers provide bulk SMS for election, bulk SMS for election campaigns, and bulk SMS for promoting the work of the political parties. So contact them for winning the elections. Keep in mind you have to comply with some rules and regulations. Follow some very easy steps to send text messages in bulk to the vote banks through an SMS service provider. The technology is so easy, effective, and cost-effective that you can easily apply this technique to achieve success in elections.

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