How Facebook will help people get the Corona vaccine, Mark Zuckerberg said the plan

In the midst of the growing outbreak of the Corona epidemic, Facebook founders have also come forward to spread the vaccine to as many people as possible. He explained how Facebook will help in getting the vaccine to as many people as possible. He said that Facebook is going to launch a global campaign to help vaccination of 50 million people.

In this regard, he has posted a post on Facebook, in which he said, ‘We have already officially connected more than two billion people with information related to Covid-19. Now that most countries are moving towards adult vaccination, we are working on a tool to make it easier.’

Giving further information about this, Zuckerberg said that firstly a tool is being launched that will tell you when and where you can get vaccinated. He further explained that this tool will appear on Facebook at the Covid-19 Information Center and we will be able to show people from where they can get the vaccine through the Facebook News Feed. Along with this, they will also be given a link for appointment here.

The Facebook founder said that it has been seen earlier that people use Facebook for the appointment of vaccination. Along with this, he also told that people will see the Covid-19 Information Center on Instagram as well.


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