How Do You Install Clay Pavers?

Clay pavers in Adelaide are very popular in the residential and commercial property sector. They are the best way to give your home or place of business a unique and distinctive look while also keeping it durable, strong, and long-lasting.

Clay pavers are a great way to add an earthy feel to your kitchen’s backsplash. They are also a beautiful alternative to traditional materials like tile, stone, or concrete. Installing clay pavers is similar in that it involves cutting pavers into their various sized pieces and then using different substances like clay and glue to attach them into a single unit.  

Process of Installing Clay Pavers

Clay pavers are ideal for interior and exterior applications, from driveways and pathways to porches, courtyards, decks, and patios. They do not crack or splinter like concrete. They do not stain or fade. This is how you install clay pavers.

Measure the Area You Want to Pave

You have to measure the area you want to install. To measure the area accurately, you need to call experts like Playford Pavers so that you don’t end up paying extra for the materials.

Mark the Perimeter of Your Space With Spray Paint

Marking the perimeters will help you recognize the paving’s starting and end of the part you want to install. This will ease the paving process for the professionals working. Finding clay pavers in Adelaide only needs a little search here and there.

Dig Up the Existing Soil and Replace it With a Bed of Crushed Gravel

You need to dig a layer of soil and replace it with a layer of gravel and sand for added stability. It will give a good base for installation.

Install Edging

You should also check around the edges where there is more weight from cars and other items being driven over them regularly before installing the edges. If cracks appear in these areas, then those cracks will grow larger over time if left untreated.

Place Pavers in Your Desired Design

Clay pavers are a type of paving that comes in various colors, shapes, and sizes. The material is also known as “clay brick” or “clay tile. You can install clay pavers by either laying out the bricks or stacking them on top of each other.

Fill in the Gaps Between Them Using Sand or Mortar

They can be installed in several ways, but the most common method is using mortar. It prevents gaps between the tiles and helps to prevent damage.


Clay Pavers are one of the most beautiful and economic choices for people when installing pavers in their homes or businesses. First, you need to prepare a good base for your Clay Pavers by drilling deep holes and filling them up with concrete. After that, place the pavers on the bases in an approved manner.

A bit of gravel between the pavers will allow water to drain better, but some people may prefer to leave the clay pavers plain since they are already quite effective. Some people choose to let the colour of the clay remain exposed, while others opt for a bit of decorative patterning.

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