Home Sweet Home: 7 Interior Design Upgrades You Should Do Yourself

Although a house becomes a home not because of how it looks but because of how it makes you and your family feel, living in a space that you find beautiful and comfortable is a surefire way to up-level your everyday life. Luckily, you don’t have to be an HGTV star to give your home the update it deserves.

If you’re ready to dazzle your guests and your family members alike, check out these seven interior design upgrades that you can do yourself.

Give your bedroom a facelift

When it comes to do-it-yourself projects, simplicity is critical. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to make your bedroom cozier and more inviting. For example, installing artwork that you love will personalize your room, and painting the walls a calming color can improve how you feel when at rest.

Your bedroom should feel like your sanctuary away from a hectic world, and the centerpiece of the perfect hideaway is a comfortable bed. Opt for stylish and cozy bedding, place your bed against an aesthetically pleasing wall, and invest in an organic latex mattress topper to lock in maximum comfort at a lower cost than replacing the bed.

Play around with textures and stylish flair

You can make your home look more expensive and inviting by experimenting with various textures and colors when choosing accessories. You can give any room in your house a makeover by upgrading your curtains, throw blankets, pillows, chairs, and couches.

 Be mindful of which fabrics may elicit which feelings and operate accordingly. For example, velvet feels thick and rich, wool is soft and warm, and silk looks luxurious. For an adventurous and eclectic look, consider implementing a bit of each in a room.

Give yourself a fresh start with a fresh coat of paint

If you find that something’s missing when you look around your home, consider that you may not be enjoying the color of your walls. Wall colors significantly influence the energy of a room, and specific paint colors may even inspire different types of emotions.

If a house-wide repaint feels unrealistic right now, remember that you can always incorporate a stylish accent wall instead of redoing an entire room or home. Keep in mind that how you paint your walls and the quality of the paint job is just as important as what colors you use.

Take up indoor gardening

When it comes to indoor gardening, green is the new black. Consider adopting a few easy-to-maintain indoor plants like figs or succulents to spruce up your dwelling. For example, growing green onion in a jar in your kitchen, pothos in the foyer, or a few cacti on your window sill will all go a long way in making your home feel vibrant, authentic, and fresh.

Take a magic carpet ride

A new rug just might be the start of the new you. Rugs offer a versatile pop of texture, are easy to move around, and are available in various patterns and colors. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even layer them. Stylish and functional, a rug outside of your shower can be water absorbent, and one by your front door stops people from trailing dirt on your floors. By getting your hands on a few rugs that align with your style, you’ll create a more vibrant and cohesive aesthetic in no time.

Stylize your pet supplies

Pet supplies can appear clunky, dirty, and out of place in an otherwise well-curated home, but they don’t have to. Take stock of which pet supplies you notice may throw a wrench in your home makeover and consider giving them a visual upgrade by investing in more stylish food bowls, cat trees, kennels, or toy bins.

Furniture, the final frontier

Unless spending hours roaming the furniture store is your idea of an enjoyable Saturday afternoon, you might be dreading replacing your furniture. Still, keep in mind that a furniture refresh is a fast way to take your rooms from drab to fab. You’ll be glad you spent the time and money to take home a piece of furniture that’s practical and beautiful.

Before you get started

It’s time to transform your house into a home you’re proud of. Once you’ve completed these DIY interior design upgrades, your home sweet home will go from lackluster to a showstopper.

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