Here’s A List of Must-Try Renovation Hacks for Your Bathroom

Do you visualize that glamorous 5-star bathroom look for your home? It’s time to make it come true! Worrying about the budget? You will be happy to hear that the bathroom is that place in your entire home that can be easily remodeled and modernized at minimal costs for bathroom renovations in Adelaide.

To get that perfect uncluttered design and simplistic look for your bathroom, you need to learn about the current trends before beginning your renovation work. Because after returning home from a hectic day, all you need is a relaxing restroom that will make you feel good and stress-free.

Some Bathroom Renovation Hacks You Should Try in 2022

So, here are a few hacks to help you give a new look to your old and dull bathroom.

Choose the Right Layout

Older people above 65 years are more prone to experience bathroom accidents accounting for around 60% of injury-related visits to the emergency department and about 50% of injury-related deaths per year. This is why a proper bathroom layout becomes necessary.

To ensure a luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing bathroom look, try to follow these tips –

Also, ensure that the switches are positioned in a convenient position so that you can easily access them while entering or exiting your bathroom.

Go for Modern Tiles

Simply replacing your tiles can change the entire look of your bathroom. Try to choose modern tile patterns that are aesthetically pleasing and comforting and stick to lighter tones like white, cream, beige, and so on.

Also, did you know that changing your tiles will also help to divert one’s attention away from something that’s not so attractive? Make sure to choose anti-skid tiles, especially for the floors.

Make Proper Use of the Corners

Make proper use of your dead spaces, specifically around the corners. Build corner shelves or stacks for storing your toiletries. Besides, it can be a really inexpensive bathroom renovation hack. If you are not sure about the best ways to utilize the corners, seek professional help from a provider dealing in bathroom renovations in Adelaide.

Often, our homes have awkward or uneven cut due to its foundation. What others do not know is that you can still make use of these corners by just picking the right furniture in your bathroom. Instead of opting for the wall connected tubs, consider freestanding bathtub that will allow you to move the piece accordingly.

You can also add some accessories around the corner shelves like indoor plants and planters, wallpapers, innovative organizers, toilet paper holders, vintage botanicals, and so on.

Add Adequate Storage Spaces

Install adequate wall cabinets and drawers for storing your bathroom essentials. Make appropriate use of all dead spaces, such as the corners, under the washbasins, the high walls, and so on.

Apart from closed shelves, under-basin drawers, and base cabinets, you can also add some open stacks or shelves having contrasting shades. They are not only functional but will also add some aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.

Focus on Lighting

The significant aspect of any bathroom remodeling project is lighting. Experiment with various lighting ideas to get the look you want. The best way would be to try choosing from one of the following three kinds of bathroom lighting –

  1. Ambient lighting: It is used to brighten up your entire bathroom area without emphasizing any specific region. Try to use adequate ambient light for that popping look.
  1. Task lighting: This lighting is used in areas like the mirror where you may need to perform specific tasks like putting on your makeup, getting dressed, or combing your hair.
  1. Accent lighting: It is used for decorative purposes, especially for highlighting a particular area of your modern restroom.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the above hacks should help you remodel a more functional and aesthetic bathroom space. Even if you are short of budget, a professional company for bathroom renovations in Adelaide will shape your ideas effectively. All you need to worry about is finding an experienced remodeling provider like Creative Home Renovations instead of thinking about your renovation bills.

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