Artist Combines Nature and Fashion Into Handmade Unique Jewelry

Artist created surreal art piece by using range of mediums that will mesmerize you. All of these handmade unique jewelry comes in different shapes and designs. Have a look at her art below and share your views in comment section below.

We have reached her to know more about his inspiration. Here what he had to say.

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How did you find your style? Has it changed since you started?

I just collect all things which speak to me and implement them into works. That may be colors, shapes, textures, mood, emotions, phenomenons… whatever. This “collection” of findings forms a style.

I think style is getting more specific. It’s developing, so it changes in a certain direction. I really hope that this process never stops. World changes, personality changes that take effect on the art. There is no development without changes.

What inspires you to create this amazing art work?

Nature and magic always inspired me. Actually, they are the same thing to me. This is my endless inspiration.

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How do you come up with new ideas? Do you have a process?

The idea usually comes suddenly. It’s born from a thing that attracts my attention or just like a flash in the mind. I always make sketches and notes as soon as I can. I find this is very important because otherwise, idea can disappear forever. When I make a sketch I’m a kind of attach an idea with a thread so it stays on my side. After that, I develop the idea step by step into the project.

Most Challenging Aspect that comes through your work?

For me, it’s a large number of aspects as such which artist have to pay attention to. Today, just making art is not enough to stay an artist. There are so many things besides art you have to do. You should be a one-man band. Sure, that regards today’s world in general, not art only. It’s a challenge from one side but a great world of possibilities from another.

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What are the future Plans?

A deeper dive into the fantastic world of magical creatures. I want to make my art more speaking and draw attention to difficulties that nature faces on this planet from one side and about challenges the human mind facing from another.

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