Google Mera Naam Kya Hai – अब गूगल भी बताएगा आपका नाम

Google Mera Naam Kya Hai – Google is a platform that answers all your questions. One of the questions Google always asks: Google Mera Naam Kya Hai? When Google mentions your name, you like it.

But do you know how to say your name from Google? You will receive information about this today. Google is a technology that makes things a lot easier these days. Some time ago I had to type something into Google. But now we can ask all searches on Google with our voice.

You need the help of Google Assistant to call your name from Google. Although some are familiar with Google Assistant. But I don’t know how to use it fully. When it comes to Hindi, some people want to know the name of the Google Assistant in Hindi.

Today you get all the information on this topic. I sincerely hope you like this article, so tell us how you can ask Google, Google tell me my name

Google Mera Naam Kya Hai?

Those who are familiar with Google’s advanced voice feature should be familiar with Google Assistant. And he looks for his name on Google. Have you asked Google what is the name of Google Mera Naam Kya Hai? I tell you what, whatever the voice command. All provided by Google Assistant.

What is a Google product. Each phone has a separate command to turn it on. It also starts with OK Google or Hey Google. If Google Help is enabled on your phone, you can ask Google for your name using this command. One question you have right now is, what is Google Assistant and how does it work? So let’s find out. To start Google Assistant.

Google What’s My Name? Mera Naam Kya Hai

When you turn on your Android phone, you need to create a Google Account. When creating a Google account, you are asked to enter important information about yourself. It has your name, age, date of birth, gender, mobile number, etc. Google collects all your information. It’s just for you. This information is not shared with others. But if you ask Google “Google Mera Naam Kya hai”, it will tell you.

What is my name on Google – What does Google mean by name?

Now you know Google has all your important information. That’s why he tells you his name. But I have to turn on Google Assistant so I can call my name. So you can ask Google, my name is Kea Hai, you can set up or run the Google Assistant by following some of the steps below.

How do I turn on Google Assistant?

How do I know if the assistant is active?

Unlock your smartphone to check Google Assistant. and say Ok Google in front of phonetics Keep in mind that it also works like Google on some phones. You can see which of the two commands speaks based on your phone. If you say that, a new pop-up will appear in front of you and say hello, how can I help you? Then you can ask Google however you want.

Google Sort News?

Yes, you can listen to and watch today’s news with Google Assistant. After setting up Google Assistant as above, you should say, “Ok Google, tell the news today,” and it will start listening to news in your area. Also, if you want to get news from a country or abroad, you need to ask Google Assistant for that office name. Similarly, you can ask Google, OK Google, what is the live score of today’s match? Google provides all of this information.

What are the features of Google Assistant?

What is Google Assistant Phone and Call Command?

People have started using Google Assistant, but they do not know how to make calls using Google Assistant. Here are some commands This allows you to control all calls.

Here are some examples: You can use them according to your answer. Your family number name is stored on the phone, you need this name to call it. Similarly, you can use all other commands.

Google is my name? (Mera Naam Kya Hai)

To ask Google for your name, you need to open Google Assistant first or click MIC directly. Then you have to say “What is my name” or can you use the keyboard to say Google Mera Naam Kya Hai? Then the Google Assistant will tell you your name.

What is your name (Google Mera naam Kya Hai)

When you ask the Google Assistant: “What’s your name?” Here you will hear “His name is Google Assistant” instead of your name.

How to configure Google Assistant?

In the Google Assistant settings, first go to “Play Store”. Here you need to enter Google Assistant in the search box. The Google Assistant app will appear in front of you. You can use Google Assistant by installing this application on your smartphone.

Is the Google Assistant Secure?

Using Google Assistant is intended to protect all user information. You don’t have to worry about the security of your data whenever you use Google Assistant. This is a completely secure application like Google. That will only play with the voice of the person whose voice you are using when tuning.

Always listening to Google Assistant?

Once you activate Google Assistant on your smartphone, it means “OK Google” or “Hey Google”. When asked, he becomes active. When it answers your question, it will no longer hear your voice unless you say “OK Google” or “Hey Google”. Do not activate.

Can I use Google Assistant for free?

Yes, you can use the Google Assistant for free. There is no paid plan. You can use all its features for free.


This article is about Google Assistant asking about Google Mera Naam kya hai. You have received all the information on this matter. Although some people will ask if Google Assistant is your name. But I’m telling you this isn’t an appropriate assignment. Some comments are also requested in this article. I really hope you like this article. If you liked this article, please comment. and share this article with your friends. Who is looking for an answer to this type of question? Hello, this is Google Mera Naam Kya Hai. Thanks so much for reading the entire article.

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