Getting a Lip Enhancement? Take Note of These 6 Essential After-Care Tips

The Lip enhancement procedure makes the lip more luscious, plump, and full. Getting lip fillers gives you confidence. These injections usually consist of hyaluronic acid, a very safe ingredient that yields exemplary results. It only needs a few minutes for this procedure, and you won’t usually feel anything because this minimally invasive treatment uses topical anaesthetics to numb the area. 

Notably, this procedure is not permanent, so you must schedule future injections if you want to maintain your pout and plump lip appearance. It is normal to experience tenderness and bruises after your procedure, though these side effects should only be minor. For best results, you must be particular with aftercare. Avoiding lipsticks for a few days and drinking painkillers are not enough. Besides, knowing how to care for your lips post-filler will ensure better results. 

Apply An Ice Pack 

It is normal for lips to look swollen after the lip filler procedure. You may also contend with a bit of redness and slight bruising where the doctor inserted the injection. But, again, these are normal side effects and should subside on their own. To hasten the healing, you can apply ice. Wrap this in a clean and smooth cloth so it doesn’t stick to your lips and give you pain. The cold will reduce inflammation and minimise bruising. It can also help alleviate pain or any itchy feeling. 

Avoid Strenuous Activity For a Certain Period

After getting lip fillers, it is advisable to avoid strenuous exercise for a day or two. Walking or doing simple exercises is fine. But anything high-intensity or doing heavy lifting will elevate your blood pressure. It will also spike up your heart rate, which can pump more blood resulting in more swelling and bruising. If your skin is highly sensitive and reactive, you can ask your doctor if you can take anything for bruising. Other than that, you can resume most of your usual activities after your appointment.

Drink Plenty of Water for Hydration

The human body is made of 75% water. Therefore, after your procedure, you must be mindful of consuming at least eight glasses of water to stay hydrated. This will ensure your lips stay moist, and it will help pave the way for faster healing. Avoid alcohol during this time because it acts as a blood thinner. As a result, you may experience more inflammation and increase your likelihood of bruising. For best results, avoid alcohol before and after your lip filler appointment. 

Eat Nutritious Food for Healing

Since injections will penetrate the lips, you must pay attention to proper nutrition for healing. Eat many hydrating fruits and veggies like leafy greens, watermelons, cantaloupes, and the like. Now is the time to avoid junk food because they are chock full of sodium and preservatives, which can exacerbate swelling. Instead of consuming empty calories, focus on high-quality food that will make you feel good inside and out. 

Avoid High Temperatures 

High temperatures will emit a lot of heat. And a high heat will always make the swelling more pronounced. If you want your lip swelling to subside fast, avoid steam rooms, excessive exercise outdoors, and saunas for two days after your treatment. Besides, heat will produce more sweat which can drip to the injection site. This can result in pain and infection, so it is better to avoid it for the time being. 

Sleep on an Elevated Pillow

Finally, make it a point to sleep on an elevated pillow. This will draw the blood away from your lips and help reduce swelling and bruising. If you have a practice of sleeping on your stomach, it is best to avoid this position for a few days. Then, do not sleep on your face for a while and stack up a few pillows to pave the way for faster healing. 

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