Get seriously cute with Kawaii Kitty

If you love kittens and all things cute and fluffy, then you’re in for a treat with Betsoft’s lavish Kawaii Kitty slot game. The game’s cute graphics will have you staring into the kitty’s adorable purple eyes, even if the jackpot prize is a limited 250 coins. 

With five reels and ten compensation lines, the game might feel a little on the frail side however likewise with all games that Betsoft make – the symbolism is noteworthy. However don’t let that put you off – in Kawaii Kitty, you’ll eat, pawing and murmuring your way through twofold or nothing highlights and growing wilds.

Unique features of Kawaii Kitty

The most awesome aspect of the Kawaii Kitty is that the success lines pay the two different ways, which means players can go from left to right as well as the other way around to shape winning blends. Players will require three of a sort for any success to be made.

The low-esteem image is the fish tin and isn’t worth in excess of 25 credits and at more awful just pays out five coins. The kitty doesn’t grin except if players sack no less than five of the fish tins.

The high-esteem images players need to gather is the milk image. The kitty will grin and murmur the entire day if players line up between three or five of them on the reels – winning somewhere in the range of 50 and 250 credits.

The other unmistakable component of this game is that the wild and free twists are lumped together into one major image, subsequently meaning it is simpler to acquire wins. Incredible for fledgling players!

Free Spins

Two yarn balls roll about the reels and when found, extend across the entire reel freezing every one of the images in that line while the rest of the framework keeps turning. The bundles of yarn sew the word ‘wild’ and players get three for one! In spite of the fact that was is frustrating is that this element is difficult to enact, just showing up on the second, third and fourth reel.


Kawaii Kitty has impressive visuals and gameplay yet lacks in unique features to entertain players to keep playing. The lack of a big prize jackpot is also a disappointment, making this game unsuitable for those who wish to gamble big. Kawaii Kitty then, is a cute game that is ideal for novices who are looking to get into slot games. If that’s you, and you love cute kittens, then this game is for you!

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