Get Introduced to Colored Paper Bags and Their Types

Paper bags are leading the packaging industry, and they have recently gained a lot of importance. They are environment-friendly options and allow a great scope of creative packaging for businesses. They can be customized easily as compared to their counterpart- plastic bags. They are reusable and provide businesses with the chance to market themselves among audiences. There is a wide range of colored paper bags. These paper bags’ recyclable and biodegradable characteristics make them ideal for brands to show that they are environmentally conscious. 

Paper bags are available in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Learn more about them below.

Essential brown kraft paper bags

Kraft paper bags are among the commonly used paper bags. They are often used in grocery and department stores. They are simply made with brown kraft paper that makes them sturdy. An added bottom gusset for a stable base is further emphasized with an additional sheet of paper. They are not highly durable but can be used more than once for regular shopping purposes like groceries. These coloured paper bags can be recycled easily, making them an ideal choice for environmentally conscious customers. 

SOS Bags

Do not misinterpret this type as ’emergency bags.’ SOS here means stand-on-shelf bags that are pretty similar to kraft paper bags. The difference is that these bags are stronger and have a top handle. They are more often used for packing food and drinks. Children and office employees most commonly use them to carry lunch. These bags are also available in a variety of colours and additional features. This makes them a good choice for gift packaging. 

Merchandise bags

Merchandise bags are high in quality and are crafted with customizable paper bags. These bags are highly preferable for retail stores as they are an excellent choice for marketing. Some online stores choose merchandise bags for shipping products. They come in various colours, from black to white paper bags, and are easy to print. 

Pinch bottom bags

Pinch bottom bags are identical to envelopes. They are closed at one end and stay wide open when you fill them up with products. These bags are most common in bakeries. Since they have a great resistant lining on the inside, they are perfect for carrying dry food items. 

Since they do not have handles,  they are most common for light-weighted items. Avoid using them for heavy items as it may be a hassle to carry them.

Euro tote

Euro tote bags are more sturdy lunch bags. They are a bit similar to SOS bags, but they have sturdy and fancy handles. They are ideal for branding and customization purposes since they have a clean surface finish. Although recycling these bags is quite challenging, they are better than plastic bags as they are durable and can be reused for a long. 

Paper bags are highly efficient for packaging. They come in a variety of colour options and sizes. Whether you are looking for coloured or black paper bags, they are easily accessible

Shop the best choices for excellent shipping and packaging. 

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