Websites for Free Jingle Downloads

A song is a short tune used for advertising and other commercial purposes. Jingle sound is a form of branding. A lyric has one or more hooks and meanings that promote an advertised product or service, usually through one or more advertising slogans. Creating a jingle is not such a complicated process nowadays. However, you can always download them online if you are not familiar with jingle creation.

Tons of websites offer free music downloads, and we explored them so that you can find only the top resources in the list of the 6 best sites for free and legal music downloads. You can download high-quality MP3s that play on your computer, phone, or tablet on these websites. Because you can save them, they will always be there for you to hear the excellent pair of earbuds. All downloads here are legal. It doesn’t matter if they are in the public domain or, in most cases, artists allow you to download and enjoy their work. That means you will feel great about listening to music and finding some secret gems you have forgotten. Read the licenses carefully whether you can use the music for your podcast jingle or only for personal use.

Jamendo Music:

 All free music downloads on Jamendo Music are made available through Creative Commons Licensing, meaning that artists can decide whether they want to give their music to the public for free. You may use them for your podcast or YouTube instrumentals. You can find new music in Jamendo by watching the most popular and trending songs. There is also the latest music filter to view recently added songs. You can also search for artists you know to find out if their music is available for download. Here is another way to find great music by listening to the Jamendo radio channels. When you find a jingle or artist you like, you can download that single track or the whole album. Jamendo Music has free apps accessible for Android, iOS if you’d instead not use your web browser.


Amazon has thousands of free music downloads, making it one of my favorite websites when I look for new music to download legally. You can view music by selecting a style or sorting by popularity, release date, song length, reviews or title, artist, or album. You can play songs before downloading, but when you’re ready to save the songs to your computer, add the item to your cart. Then, you can see that you bought something. You will be taken to a link to download free music, and it will also be saved in the Digital Orders tab of your order history.


SoundClick is the conclusive portal for finding free music directly from artists’ websites. These artists decided to download their music for free. It includes both unsigned and unsigned composers. Browse through the music charts and styles until you find the free music download you want, and listen to or download that song. You can also create custom radio stations, find other listeners in the forums and read more about your favorite SoundClick artists. Of course, you can download music; some artists make their music available only after you pay for the download, while others only allow music streaming.

Internet Archives:

The Internet Archive’s audio archive contains millions of results for free downloads of music, audio, podcasts, radio programs, and most importantly, their live music archive. You can sort free music downloads by language, topic, title, publication date or producer, media type (concert, audio, etc.), themes and themes (e.g., rock or funk), most viewed; you can filter the results. , And more. Here you will find artists of all kinds, including Jack Johnson, John Mayer, The Great Dead, 311, and the Smashing Pumpkins. There are usually several file formats where you can download music, such as MP3 and OGG.


Last.FM has free music downloads on all pages. You can browse these free downloads by looking at the category, new releases, coming soon, or complete list. The song of your choice will be downloaded with just one option. In addition to downloads, you can also stream thousands of songs and get suggestions for your favorite bands.


SoundCloud is a portal that allows you to stream and download free music. Content on SoundCloud is sometimes uploaded by professional artists, while independent musicians share with others. You can’t download all the music on SoundCloud, and you have to like the Facebook page to get some files. However, for more music that can be downloaded instantly and without an account, there will be a download file button or a free download button below the song in the other menu. The above-discussed mediums or websites are some of the best websites for you to download your jingle music for videos and ads without any charges and any legal requirements or complications.

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