UEFA EURO 2020: France vs Switzerland Full Match Highlights

France vs Switzerland Full Match Highlights – In this game of UEFA Euro 2020 France vs Switzerland teams are face to face. This match is being played in National Arena. This stadium is located in Bucharest, Romania.

First Half France 0-1 Switzerland

In the first half, both the teams gave equal competition to each other. Both had come to the field with the intention of winning this game. In the 15th minute, when the Swiss team got a chance to score, they scored the first goal of this game without wasting a chance. Haris Seferović scored this goal.

At the end of the first half, Switzerland took a 1-0 lead over France.

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Second Half France 3-3 Switzerland

In the second half, the French team appeared in a more attacking mood. Due to which the French team took the lead in this game by scoring two goals one after the other. Both these goals were scored by Karim Benzema. These goals were scored in the 57th and 59th minutes.

These two goals pushed the Swiss team on the back foot. France took full advantage of which by scoring another goal in the 75th minute. This goal was scored by Paul Pogba of France. This goal gave France a 3–1 lead in the game.

Haris Seferovi’s second goal in the 81st minute revived the Swiss team’s hopes of a comeback.

And Mario Gavranovi’s goal in the 90th minute leveled the match. Both the teams were not ready to lose the game.

The result of which was that today’s second match also went for extra time.

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Extra Time First Half France 3-3 Switzerland

In the first half of extra time, both the teams tried their best to score. But no one got success. This half ended without a goal.

Extra Time Second Half France 3-3 Switzerland

From the beginning of this half, the French team took an attacking stance. France continued to attack the goal of the Switzerland team. But failed to score any goal. As a result, this half also ended without a goal and match goes to penalties!

Penalty shoot-out France Switzerland

In the penalty shoot-out, in response to Switzerland’s 5 penalties, France could only score 4 penalties and lost the match.

UEFA EURO 2020: France vs Switzerland Full Match Highlights

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In this fierce match, the Swiss team defeated France in the penalty shootout and won. Both the teams performed brilliantly in this thriller game. I was not ready to lose either of the two till the end.

Switzerland managed to make it to the quarterfinals by winning this game, while France’s journey in this tournament ended here.

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