For the Perfect Jazz Hands: Hand and Nail Care 101

Hand hygiene is a primary topic worldwide, especially after the pandemic. The Australian Hand Hygiene initiative brought hand care to the forefront, and the stipulations mentioned in the program are now a global program with WHO backing. This initiative sets a benchmark of hand hygiene that countries have to achieve by following the prescribed methods. The initiative’s benchmark in Australia is currently 80%, and Aussies are fast reaching there. Maintaining clean hands and nails is essential as it directly affects a person’s health and immunity. Washing hands frequently using a good quality Australian hand wash is recommended. 

Several products have flooded the market, from Australian sanitizers to hand washes. But these products only kill germs without caring for the hands or nails. Some products might even harm the hand’s skin by drying it out and making people susceptible to bruises and wounds. While hygiene is vital, there are other components people should consider with hand care. People should choose to use a natural Australian hand wash or hand cream with their sanitizers and other hygiene products.

Why Is Hand Care Necessary?

Hand care refers to maintaining the skin, nails, cuticles on the palm and back of the hand. This maintenance routine includes both skincare and hygiene. While the hygiene component is in the spotlight today, the skincare component should not take a back seat.

Aging Signs

The skin on the hand is the most fragile and begins to wrinkle faster than other parts. People tend to undertake several anti-aging treatments for their faces, but their hands need it the most. Keeping hands moisturized and healthy ensures they stay young for longer.

First Contact

People use their hands to touch various surfaces both consciously and unconsciously. Handrails, elevator buttons, door handles, tables, chairs, and more; people touch these surfaces with their hands. Hands are the primary contact for many people, and the Australian government stresses the significance of hand hygiene for the same reason. Hence, it’s recommended to wash hands frequently using any Australian hand wash. Being the first contact also means that hands undergo a lot of stress, which can take a toll on the skin and nails. 

Sign of Health

Healthy hands are a vital sign of the body’s health. People should regularly maintain their nails, cuticles, and hands to ensure good health. Dirt and debris can effortlessly settle in nail beds, cuticles, and under the nails, which might also get into the body. People who regularly maintain their hands and nails are less likely to get sick and have better immunity.

Hand Care Tips

Hand care is vital and also effortless. People don’t have to follow too many steps to take care of their hands.

Always Moisturise

Moisturising the skin is essential, and even more so for the hands as they lose moisture quickly. People use hands very often and must ensure they are smooth and supple at all times.

Trim Nails and Cuticles

While maintaining long nails is in trend, they are quite a hassle. People can opt for shorter nails with shaped edges for a fashionable look, and they are easier to maintain. Cuticles also require regular trimming, though it is best to get a manicure rather than try it personally.


Hand skin also requires thorough scrubbing to maintain soft skin. The outer dead skin tends to be rough, giving hands a shabby look. Scrubbing and exfoliating them regularly also adds a glow to the hands.


Nail creams, hand creams, natural hand washes, and sanitizers are all better alternatives that maintain hygiene without affecting the skin. The increased awareness of hand hygiene explains the increasing Australian Hand Care Industry’s market revenue (12.75% increase). More Aussies opt for premium but natural hand care alternatives, like a natural Australian hand wash, to help maintain a balance between hygiene and skincare. Alternatively, regularly washing your hands followed by applying moisturizing cream is also effective in maintaining hand hygiene and skin care.

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