Food License India – the way to Get  FSSAI Registration Online

 In this blog, we’ll describe about Food Licence India. Also, we’ll explain it’s benefits and the way to prompt FSSAI registered.

 Any person proposing to start out a food business in India must have a food licence

Process of FSSAI Registration

 • FSSAI enrollment is initiated by submitting a form to the Food Safety Department.

 Name of Business or Person-  Fill the name of Business/ Enterprise Concerned name which can be mentioned on the FSSAI Certificate.

 Email Id –  Fill the right Correspondence ID

 Phone No –  Fill the right phone Number

 Nature of Business – Choose your business nature/ type that you simply will conduct

Designation – choose  the kind of organization

 Address of Business-  give proper address which can get published on FSSAI Certificate.

 • To get a licence, the food business must have a licit email  ID and telephone number.

 • The same name will appear on the license, thus the business name of every food business must be directly stated on the appliance.

 • If the appliance is submitted successfully, it will be issued a singular reference ID which will be employed by all posterior operations.

• The coming and final step is to pay the specified figure. this is frequently done by taking a evidence printout and a web operation and creating an tab for the needed quantum.

 What are the essential Documents Needed for Food Licence?

Food Licence cost in India

 In case of basic enrollment of food licence, the figure are about Rs. 3500

 Who Requires the Food Licence?

The Following may be a List of Penalties for Violations under the FSSAI License

 Final words

The below blog will beget you to understand why a food licence is important if you are operating during a food business. Then, we have also explained what document needed.

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