Flexible folders on telegram

Telegram was a game-changer when it first launched, offering free messaging and calling across the world. Since then, the app has only gotten better thanks to new features like stickers and bots. But if you’re anything like me, you’re still stuck with a messy list of chats that are impossible to organize—until now! Telegram just announced a major new update that lets you create folders for organizing your groups and channels into more manageable chunks.

Folders on telegram

On Telegram(安装Telegram软件), you can create a folder that contains channels and chats. When you create a folder, it is automatically added to your Favorites list. To create a folder:

-Tap on the “+” button in the top-right corner of the main screen.

-Enter a name for your new folder and choose from one of several color schemes. If you don’t like any of them, tap on “Change Icon” to enter any image as an icon for this new folder (you can upload an image from your gallery or take one using your device’s camera). That’s it! This will be saved as “if created on Android devices and iOS devices respectively

Editing folders on telegram

You can edit the name of a folder by tapping on its title, then tapping the pencil icon to reveal an Edit button.

You can add or remove channels to a folder by long pressing on any channel in your Telegram Channels section and choosing Move Channel To Folder from the menu that pops up.

You can move a channel to another folder by long pressing on any channel in your Telegram Channels section and choosing Move Channel To Folder from the menu that pops up.

Making channels into folders on telegram

Telegram channels are a great way to keep up with the latest news, updates, and insights from your favorite people and brands. But if you find yourself following dozens of channels, it can be hard to keep a handle on them all.

To help you organize your channels into folders, we’re happy to announce that you can now add and remove channels from the folders you create!

Delete a specific channel from a folder

-Tap and hold the channel you want to remove from the folder.

-Drag it to the grid icon at the bottom of your screen, which resembles a stack of cards containing other channels from that same folder. The channel will be removed from your folder and added back into your main list of chats for you to scroll through individually or add again in a different place on your screen if desired.

To add a new folder, click and hold the plus icon in the lower right corner of the screen

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Just click and hold each channel and drag them up to the folder of your choice

-Tap and hold the channel you would like to move, then drag it up to the folder of your choice.

-Use folders to organize chats, channels, and groups!

Use folders to organize chats, channels, and groups!

You can create folders in your Telegram chats, channels, and groups. To do this, click on the button with three dots on the right side of the screen. Here you will find a “Create folder” option at the bottom of the menu that pops up.

You can finally give your Telegram chats some much-needed organization

You can finally give your Telegram chats some much-needed organization. If you’re a power user who keeps dozens of private chats going at once, this feature is one of the most useful additions to Telegram(注册Telegram账号) in years.

Flexible folders are like an extension of your chat list: they can include channels and other chats—even stickers or GIFs—as well as private messages. So if you have multiple conversations with the same people that have nothing to do with each other, now you don’t have to clutter up both their sections with separate threads. You can group them under one flexible folder where they’ll be easy to find later on.

To add flexible folders, tap on the “New” button in any chat and select “Create a new folder.” Then type in whatever name you want for it (I use #memes). If there are already existing chats within this conversation that aren’t part of another folder yet (like say a channel), click on those names and drag them into this new flexible folder by dragging down towards it; otherwise just hit Next when done adding everything else first before proceeding onwards from here onwards through these steps until done creating said flexible folder(s).

summing up

I hope this article can help you to organize the Telegram chats on your phone so that you don’t have to deal with the confusion anymore. You can also share it with your friends and family members who have been looking for a solution like this one!

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