Five exercises you can do on Mobility Scooter

Exercising can be a difficult task to achieve for anyone, but this is especially true for those who struggle with their mobility. Best mobility scooters are a great tool that helps people be able to move around and regain their independence. But exercising can still be difficult with limited mobility, as walking can be quickly exhausting and too strenuous. Luckily there are several ways to get some exercise while using your mobility scooter! 

The key is to find simple movements that you can do seated that improve flexibility and overall movement. There are also still some sports you can play while on a scooter like a wheelchair basketball! Finding ways to integrate more movement into your life is good regardless of your mobility. People often say to choose something over nothing when it comes to fitness. A little walk or small exercise is better than simply staying seated. So finding little movements to do while on your mobility scooter can help keep you moving and feeling better. You can easily buy these scooters from at reliable prices. 

Start slow and work your way through this list as you do not want to overdo it. Here are five different exercises you can do while on your mobility scooter to improve your health and keep you moving.

Various Joint Movements

Oftentimes the body can get stiff by staying in relaxed positions all day, and sometimes it can even be painful. A simple way to get your body moving is just to roll out your limbs and loosen up the ligaments. These are called mobilization movements, where you roll out your joints to lubricate them and increase mobility. 

Shoulder rolls are helpful for your back and your ability to move your arms. It is recommended to do fifteen clockwise and fifteen counterclockwise rolls each day to help strengthen and mobilize your shoulders. You can also roll out your wrists to help with dexterity in your hands and strengthen all the small muscles within them. Ankle rolls can have the same benefits for your feet and keep them strong for when you need to go on a walk.

All these exercises may seem small, but the movements can help improve your ability to move and strengthen your muscles overall. It is important to maintain your movement, and these easy movements can keep you able to do daily tasks and other things you love.

Write the Alphabet With Your Toes

Another exercise that can assist in strengthening your dexterity is writing the alphabet with your toes. It takes a bit of concentration but can be extremely effective in working out the muscles in your legs and foot. The different shapes make your foot move in a bunch of different ways and will get the blood moving to warm up your feet. Do the alphabet with each foot to get an even workout.

Wheelchair Yoga

You do not have to be a flexible yogi to do yoga! You can do some simple moves from your mobility scooter to help with strength and flexibility. One such move is just stretching your arms far above your head. Do not forget to breathe as you stretch your arms as high as you can, as if you are reaching for the perfect apple above you. This helps lengthen your spine and promotes blood flow throughout your body. 

Another is the spinal twist, where you use the grip of your hand to pull your body into a twist. It is a great stretch for your back and is very easy to do on your scooter. Pull yourself using your chair and hold for 30 seconds, trying to stretch a little bit more if you can, on each side. 

Team Sports

To get in some aerobic exercise and be confident in your strength, you might want to look into some wheelchair team sports. Games like basketball are popular and might be a good option for you depending on the type of mobility scooter you have. Games are a great way to get the heart pumping while also having a fun social interaction. Aerobic exercise is important for physical health but can be difficult to get for those with restricted mobility.

An easier step could be to play simple games like cornhole or just passing a ball around. It can help with coordination and light side-to-side movements. So you can move around and have fun!

Weight Exercises

Another option to get your blood moving while strengthening your muscles is using light weights in small exercises. If you feel strong enough to move past just using your arms and legs as resistance weights, utilizing some very small dumbbells or ankle weights can continue to build your muscles. Getting stronger will help you in all aspects of your daily life, and if the beginner stage is too easy for you try to push yourself a bit further. Before you do, you should consult with your doctor about what would be most appropriate for you.

If you want to start simply with leg exercises, you can sit on your mobility scooter with weights secured to your and just use your knee to move them up and down. To work your feet and ankles, you can do heel raises. With your feet flat on the scooter, lift your heels up as if you were trying to walk on your toes. For your arms, you can lift the weight from the sides of your body up over your head in a jumping jack movement. There are several online videos you can follow wheelchair workouts on too if you are looking for a routine to follow.


Practicing all of these movements is beneficial in keeping your muscles active and maintaining your mobility. Even if it is difficult to exercise outside of your mobility scooter it is crucial to keep finding ways to get your muscles active.

Whether you are only able to do the small rotating movement or are ambitious enough to get some real cardio by playing some sports, movement is the key. It is like we mentioned before, it is better to choose some movement over none. Do not worry if you aren’t able to do some of the bigger exercises on this list. The most important thing is to keep moving so you do not lose your mobility to stiff joints and muscles. 

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