FFXIV is Resuming Free Trials

Everything you need to know about the FFXIV free trial

Players rushed to Final Fantasy XIV in December when the Endwalker expansion was launched, causing the MMORPG to encounter enormous congestion. Just a week after launching Endwalker, the game decided to halt new sales and the creation of new free trial accounts. As a result, new players were unable to join the game for almost a month.

Final Fantasy XIV’s free trial will resume on February 22, 2022, according to a statement from Square Enix. After their new ‘Endwalker’ expansion attracted exceptional demand, According to Naoki Yoshida, game director and producer of FFXIV, the MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) will undergo significant changes in its “Letter from the Producer” live broadcast. Players who were eager to test out the game before making a purchase may now do so until they achieve level 60 in both the original game and the expansion, “Heavensward.” The free trial is available on the company’s website for anybody who wants to try it out.

How to Play the Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial


Final Fantasy XIV is available on Steam and Square Enix for PC. Both services provide a free trial, but they aren’t the same. As previously noted, a Square Enix account that has not taken advantage of the free trial across all versions is required. Signing up via Steam is a hassle and doesn’t always work but signing up through Square Enix is a lot easier. As most Steam users are aware, launchers and Steam do not often get along. This is why you will need to utilize Square Enix’s launcher regardless of your platform of choice.

Ahead of joining up, make certain that you’re committed to one particular platform. There’s no compatibility between the Steam version and the regular PC version. The best way to get started is by signing up for an FFXIV account, even if you have one already.


Playing the game on a PS4 or PS5 is much easier since there are no different versions to contend with. Open the PlayStation Store and type in “Final Fantasy XIV” to get started. Take advantage of the Final Fantasy XIV Online Free Trial by selecting and downloading the game. Begin playing the game by establishing or logging into an FFXIV account (we suggest starting a new one).

New Updates

Play for as long as you’d like during the 30-day free trial period of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and its first expansion, Heavensward. This translates to many hours of gameplay because of the game’s extensive set of FFXIV mounts, side quests, main quests, levequests, dungeons, trials, and raids. Despite this, players can only raise their classes/jobs to level 60 since this is the cap for Heavensward, and until End Walker, it will be increased by 10 per expansion.

According to the director, the game will continue to get development support for at least another ten years, including updates to the graphics and adjustments to the gameplay. The team will work to steadily improve the visual quality for a new generation, starting with version 7.0 and beyond. Everything, including people, weapons, and equipment, the FFXIV store, and the surrounding environment will get a visual makeover. This is a kind of remodeling of old models, with improvements applied to textures, lighting, and shaders.

Free Trial Restrictions in Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV’s Free Trial Restrictions include but are not limited to, being unable to store more than 300,000 FFXIV Gil, being unable to access the market board, and being unable to scream or yell in public chat. The complete list of Square Enix’s FFXIV free trial limitations may be seen on the site, although these are regarded as the most restrictive. In the free trial version, only one character may be created for each globe. Only a few products may be purchased from the mog station for use in the game by free trial players. Free trial players are not permitted to exchange goods or write to one another.

Is a payment model needed?

In order to play Final Fantasy XIV Online, you must acquire the original game and the expansion pack, as well as a subscription. Alternatively, you may try the game for free for a limited period of time, but you will be limited in terms of level and social interaction. It’s possible to continue playing FFXIV with the same character or account if you decide to purchase the game after the free trial.

The pricing mechanism demands that you acquire the Starter Edition, or the basic game, in order to play the game. Up to level 50 of the original game (A Realm Reborn) and the first expansion (Heavensward) are included in the Starter Edition. For those who know they’ll be purchasing all of the expansions from the FFXIV store, the Complete Edition is a better option than purchasing the Starter Edition alone. If you purchase the Starter Edition or the Complete Edition, you’ll get 30 days of access to the basic game when you register it. After 30 days, you’ll need to pay the membership fee to continue playing.


I strongly encourage you to get the free trial version. However, despite the limitations, it will still give you a taste of the whole gameplay experience, including the main plot, FFXIV mounts, dungeons, trials, collecting, and crafting. Class quests and career quests, which each have their own narrative arc, also offer a ton of interesting tales to tell. Even if you’re looking to maximize your investment, the free trial allows you to gain experience in all of the game’s occupations. However, I suggest starting with one or two jobs to get a feel for the game’s concept and styles, such as a smith or a gatherer, before moving on to the full game’s tale.

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