Everything you need to know about the Botto website

Have immense love for arts? Want to explore pieces of artwork and vote for them? Botto.com is the best place you can go to, explore various excellent artwork and vote for them to let the website create more of that sort. They create a series of artwork according to the community feedback. It is an AI-based artist. Its basic aim is to create artwork and present them to auction.

More about the Botto.com website

Botto.com produces 52 pieces of artwork in a week and presents them to the community. The community can choose which one they find pleasing. Accordingly, the website would continue to keep on producing arts based on the like themes. In simplified language, Botto.com is a generative artist but the arts are governed by the community.

Every art piece created by the website is referred to as fragments. The community votes for these art fragments over the website.

The concept of voting on artworks

Voting for a particular artwork suggests what a community finds pleasing. The website gets an idea about what approaches the people and what is not. In short, Botto.com treats the votes by the community as feedback. This feedback works as a generative algorithm for the website. As talked about earlier, they get an idea about what the audience is seeking in their piece of work. As time passes by, they will concentrate more on creating art pieces governed by the community.

Auction of artworks created by Botto.com

Botto.com would put one artwork in the auction in a week. It puts the artwork on auction on SuperRare. As the auction continues, the website keeps on preparing new pieces of art. This ensures that the work doesn’t stop so that they can come up with another artwork in the next week with no delay.

Right now, 52 artworks are being prepared for presentation over 52 weeks. In short, the whole process of preparing artworks is guided by the community itself. It’s not like other auctions where any piece of art would be presented in front of you. You would be served with a theme that you particularly find pleasing.

Understanding the voting process

Yes, you can also vote on Botto.com by remembering a few simple steps. The first thing you need to do is to understand the Ethereum blockchain and open a wallet for the same. Then you need to input some ETH into it. You can then exchange the ETH with botto coupons. Then you have to deposit those coupons so that you can also enjoy the option of voting. You can then easily vote for your favourite piece of the fragment you want to. In return for exchanging your botto coupons, you get Voting Points (VP). You are then able to spend VP voting for your favourite artwork. You can then proudly call you a community of Botto.com, one of all who governs the theme of artwork presented by them.

Steps to start with staking (depositing) with your botto coupons

There are 3 simple steps you need to follow in case you want to deposit your coupons and start with being in the community. The steps are mentioned below:

As you go to MetaMask, your wallet gets connected to the application.

To finally start with the staking process, first tap on the green stake button. Then you have to select the BOTTO icon. Type the amount you would want to stake, then press the approve button. If you are not sure about the quantity you want to stake you need to click on the max button.

Approving the transaction

After you have selected the approve button, you need to again tap the confirm button to complete the whole transaction. Once you are done with that, you will be provided with another window to confirm your stake. You have to tap on the confirm stake button and then strike on confirm on the MetaMask option that pops up. That’s it, you are done with staking. Now you can vote as a community in the auction.

The voting process is the important step

Voting is the most crucial part of this platform. When you vote you are giving your taste as an opinion to the website, on which it would work further. By voting, you are influencing the work done by Botto. You have to click on the start voting button on the website. You would then be provided with a guide that you can use your keyboards arrow key. If you are on your mobile phone and viewing the same from your phone, you can easily tap on your favourite artwork. Every artwork which would have been put in the auction will be regarded as art fragments.

Simply use the keys to select your favourite piece of art. Try to indicate the same using your keys or buttons. Then click on submit vote. This is it! You are done once you click on the submit vote.

Last step towards the voting process

You will have to sign a request as you click on submit votes option. This will not cost you any fee or charges. You will be spending one Voting Point with every art fragment you select. These are the default settings done on the website. If you want, you can also change the same by adjusting the weight of the votes you cast.

The minute you have deposited your first BOTTO coupon, you are rewarded with 100VP that you can use while voting. Voting points keep regenerating. They regenerate over the period that you keep depositing them and voting for the art fragments.

How are the art fragments displayed to you?

The voting page displays two art fragments. The voter needs to choose which two art fragments please you the most. 80% of the time the website shows you the artworks which had the least time shown. Rest 20% of the time it would show you any random artworks without any bias. This mechanism helps in distributing the votes wisely among the artworks and to give priority to the new artworks.

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