Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loans

Personal Loan is the perfect option for your financial needs and requirements. It helps you during times of need. A personal loan can help you when you want to purchase your dream vehicle, for higher education, or for planning a wedding. You can turn your dream into reality with a personal loan. In this section, we will discuss Personal loan eligibility criteria to avail personal loan for fulfilling your financial needs. Personal loan eligibility means the criteria to fulfill and getting the approval for your loan amount successfully. 

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Who will qualify for Personal Loan Eligibility 

The following People are eligible for Personal Loan :

Documents Required for Personal Loan

To avail a Personal Loan, you are required to submit the following documents.  

For Salaried Employees 

For Self Employed

Factors Affecting Personal Loan Eligibility 

Your Personal Loan evaluation depends on the basis of various factors. Using these factors, you can increase your loan approval chances.

  1. Age: This is one of the most important factors to avail your personal loan.
  1. Monthly income: Your monthly income is an important part of your financial profile. Monthly income shows the capacity to repay your loan amount.
  1. The Credit Score: Your credit score is also the most important factor to determine your loan amount.Your good credit score needs to be available for personal loan. If your credit score is higher than you are more eligible to avail the loan.
  1. The Employment Status:

Employment Status is one of the factors while considering the personal loan application process. 

Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

The Personal loan eligibility calculator helps you to understand and determine the maximum loan amount you can avail and capacity to repay your loan. It helps you in giving you an instant estimate for your personal loan amount eligibility.

Here are the steps to follow how to use Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator :

How to Improve your Personal Loan Eligibility 

To Improve your credit score you can use some of the ways to pay off your existing debts,pay off your bills on time.

Applying for too many loans can be harmful for your credit score and it affects your good impression about your financial related behavior. 


Personal Loan designed for providing flexibility and convenience for your personal financial needs. A Personal Loans makes your life easier. You can use this loan for your funds for personal requirements. Personal loan eligibility is the important criteria that you must consider before applying for a personal loan. 

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