Eco-Friendly Benefits Of Choosing Steel For Your Custom Barn

Sustainability and eco-friendly products have gained momentum in recent years. Thanks to global mass coverage of climate change and its impact on all species. Most people have started making eco-choices in their purchase behavior. Steel structures used to be an integral part of the commercial sector, but they have also gained a new place in the residential and agricultural sectors. For instance, barns were used on American farms for centuries, but recently, a shift has been made towards a durable, robust material that comes with low maintenance. Such are custom metal barns. Let’s delve into this to know how sustainable it is in the long run.

Here Is Why Choosing Custom Metal Barns Is An Eco-Conscious Choice

1. Longevity

Steel retains quality and strength over time compared to traditional building materials such as timber. Panels or frames do not rot or decay and need frequent repair or replacement, making metal last longer than wood.

In fact, steel has 25 times more strength than wood. So, you can construct large custom steel barn buildings without using too many raw materials. The foundation also does not need to be very deep, as steel is lightweight. Generally, a concrete slab of 4 to 8 inches thickness is preferred.

2. Energy Saving

Steel barns can be designed with features that make them highly efficient in terms of energy consumption. For instance, reflective roofing materials can reflect sunlight without getting absorbed, reducing the heating effect. Another way to reduce heating is to opt for light color exterior panels.

Insulation combined with proper ventilation will reduce heat flow, moisture, and humidity inside the barn, making it easy for animals to live comfortably and workers to perform tasks efficiently. It will help the HVAC system run effectively, thereby reducing energy bills. Opt for Energy Star rating appliances such as lights & fans, for saving energy.

Another factor you should consider is structural steel’s strength and load bearing ability. Yes, custom barns made of such raw materials can bear more load. So, you can easily install solar panels to generate electricity for your barn work.

3. Reusability

You may have heard that wood is renewable. But that is only half the truth. It takes anywhere between 20 and 40 years for a tree to be fully grown. Not to mention, once the tree is cut and converted into a frame, sliding, or other material, it is often treated with numerous chemicals, making it nearly impossible to recycle. But with steel, we have a different story.

Almost 98% of structural steel is recycled, and it is 100% recyclable. At the end of its lifespan, it can be dismantled, sent to a blast furnace, melted, and shaped into a brand-new item. This closed-loop recycling process will reduce the need for steel production and conserve resources.

4. Reduce Waste

A custom built barn made using metal requires less repair and replacement. It is also termite & pest proof and anti-fungal, so it does not support the growth of mold and mildew. It retains its structural integrity with time. Due to the less use of metal, less wastage is created.

In short, a custom steel barn is a great choice for farmers and ranchers in the US because it requires minimal replacement frequency, is low maintenance, and is long lasting.

5. Carbon Footprint

Manufacturing operations are often linked to a higher carbon footprint. Steel production is getting more efficient every day, leading to less CO2 than wood processing. Over 90% of the water used in steel production is returned to the source cleaner.

Once produced, most steel can be recycled endlessly without losing its strength and durability, making it a more sustainable material in the long run. 

6. Low Upkeep

Lastly, a custom built barn using metal materials requires less after-care than wood. Galvanized steel is rust, pest, and weather-resistant, making it perfect for the rough and tough life of the farm. There is no need to re-paint or re-coat panels for fireproofing or pest-proofing annually. Metal uses fewer chemicals and lowers the release of toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in indoor air.

7. LEED Certification

It is a globally recognized standard for sustainable building design. It encourages energy efficiency, resource conservation, and the well-being of the building’s occupants. You, too, can design custom metal barns to meet and exceed all LEED standards.

It will be helpful, especially for dairy barns and farmers involved in agribusiness. Having a sustainability certification will help gain tax credit from the US government and save on energy bills, increasing revenue and profit.

What Features Can You Add To Your Custom Steel Barn?

Gutter & Downspout: We recommend installing gutters to prevent downpours from falling over your head. You can collect this water with the help of a downspout, filter it, and use it for irrigation or washing purposes.

Color: When installing custom metal barns, you can opt for traditional red. Many color options are available, and you can even match the color with your existing building or your dairy brand’s identity. 

Insulation & Vents: These are necessary features to include at the time of installation. We suggest you do the electric and plumbing job first and the insulation later. This way, all the nasty wiring and pipelines will be tucked away from the eyesight.

Landscaping: You can merge local fauna and flora species on your farm by adding green space, native plants, bird-friendly features, etc. Just make sure the greenery is at least ½ feet away from the metal barn building to avoid moisture absorption. 

Finally, It May Be Concluded

A custom built barn is far more likely to last with minimal after-care. The wood industry remains silent about how wood frames, sliding, and other items are single-use only, and the treated wood can’t be recycled either. Steel custom barns remain unaffected by termites and long-term wear and tear and can be easily melted for reuse. Metal, undoubtedly, is the most sustainable choice in the long run. So, what will you choose?

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