Discover Sightseeing of Singapore Bali Trip with Cruise Ride

Singapore as a destination is inadequate unless Bali completes it. And Roaming Routes’s Singapore Bali tour packages bundle it into a natural and exciting holiday package for those people who want to fall in love again and again. Romantic couples fantasizing cruise rides can book Singapore cruise packages with Bali for an inclusive pleasure of land and water with the best travel agency Roaming Routes.

There is a 9 day Singapore Bali cruise tour that covers all the major attractions of Singapore and Bali and a 5-day cruise that will take you from Bali to Singapore.

The journey starts from Bali’s green mountains, active volcanos, and rice trees, which are the major sightseeing places on this island. You will travel to Singapore on a cruise through the floating temples and waterfalls of Bali. Singapore is a modern island that has large buildings and amusement parks that keep tourists busy throughout the day. So let’s know what it includes in the 9-day plan for the Singapore Bali trip.

Day 1: Bali local sightseeing 2: Bali Marina Tour

3: Kintamani volcano and Ubud village

4: Day 7: Bali to Singapore cruise tour via Phuket and Surabaya 8: Singapore half-day city tour

9: Full day visit in Singapore Universal Studios

Mind Blowing Sightseeing on Singapore Bali Trip

The travel representative picks you up and transfers you to the hotel as soon as you land at Bali airport on the first day. The first day in Bali is allotted to you for relaxing or you can learn about cultural practices from the local people or get acquainted with fellow travelers. Bali is a beautiful island, with every part worth visiting, so take a look around the resort; you will definitely find something adorable. Usually, dinner is included in the package, but we have included breakfast as well so get back to the hotel after the excursion.

Sunset and Marine Bali Tour

Spend a leisurely day at Tanjung Beach and participate in fun activities like water snorkeling, jet ski, and flying fish. Exercise on the beach in the morning is a good idea, so start an energetic day and keep participating in water sports throughout the day; one after the other, your enthusiasm will never fade away. In the afternoon, quench your hunger with a meal at an Indian restaurant and get back to exploring.

Kintamani Volcano and Ubud Village

After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, measure the depth of the volcano of Kintamani. Taking refuge in the rice fields in the small and lovely villages of Bali requires an instinct, so if you are coming with the family, then Kintamani waterfalls and volcanoes are enough for you, but couple wants some solitude. In the second part of the day, we will explore Ubud market, it’s a great shopping ambiance. Barong, the traditional dance of Bali, is sure to enthrall you, and you will be amazed to see the locals bargaining in the market.

Board on Cruise to Singapore Trip

You will have to board a cruise from Bali to Singapore, it is going to be a long journey, but all the facilities are available on the cruise, so you can rest assured. The cruise from Bali to Singapore takes 4 days. Meanwhile, you will also halt at places like Phuket and Surabaya in North Bali. To make the most of this four-day cruise, end each evening with sunset and indulge in indoor sports throughout the

day. Delicious breakfast will be on your table every morning, and you will have an evening with different flavors every day.

Singapore City Tour

Early morning cruise on the fourth day, enjoy a hearty breakfast and get ready for a half-day Singapore city tour. Singapore is extremely friendly towards visitors, so you will find smiling faces everywhere. Visiting the museum is a wise step before embarking on a trip to any city, so by visiting the Singapore Museum, we will find out where the island originated and how it came to be. The other half-day Explorations include Singapore’s Old Temples, Gardens by the Bay, Cityscape, and Merlion statue.

Full-Day Universal Studio Tour

Another major attraction in Singapore is to be covered for the final day. Universal Studios is the perfect place for family fun, with plenty of options for both moviegoers and adventure sports enthusiasts. It’s a three-dimensional Hollywood world that introduces characters and sets from movies like Transformers, Battlestar Galactica, and The Mummy.

After spending the whole day at Universal Studios, you will collect luggage from the hotel and reach the airport from where domestic flights are easily available.

How to Book Trip for Singapore Bali

Cruise from India

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