Difference Between Organic and Regular Dog Food?

It’s all over the news: organic food is healthier, safer, and generally better.

But this is taken from a human point of view. Can it be applied to your beloved fur buddies, too? If natural dog food is better, you will certainly not bat an eyelash choosing it over the regular ones. Yes, having a pet dog that you love and value so much means giving them the best things in life. This includes the best dog food you can find. 

But do you know what the best dog food for your furball is? Is organic really better than regular dog food?

Regular Dog Food

Regular dog food is the go-to food of most pet owners for their fur babies. After all, they are more convenient, cheaper, and are advertised to be the complete nutrition that your pets need.

These kinds of dog foods, easily found in stores, are processed and mass-produced to provide an economical way of feeding “nutritious” food to domestic animals. The ingredients usually undergo a process called extrusion, where dried food is produced from boiling scraps of meat, fat, and grain. Then starch fillers are added, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements.

Chicken and dairy products are just some of the usual ingredients used in commercial dog food. These are known to be common allergens. Plus, the sugar level in your dog’s food can be misleading. You will be surprised to know just how much sugar there is in a single serving of regular dog food.

Unfortunately, these ingredients can cause undesirable effects on your beloved pets. These include food allergies, heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

However, not all processed dog food is bad. You only need to scrutinize the labels more to identify if there are harmful ingredients that can cause problems with your dog.

Organic Dog Food

According to the National Organic Program of the USDA, organic products are those that are “produced through approved methods that integrate biological, cultural, and mechanical practices” that promote recycling of resources and ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. Plus, the NOP clearly states that genetic engineering, synthetic fertilizers, irradiation, and sewage sludge should not be used to consider a product as organic.

From this definition, it is understood that organic food is derived from natural plant or animal sources and has not undergone synthetic processes, and does not contain artificial chemicals.

While this definition refers to human food, it is also adhered to when it comes to organic pet food.

So, what does this mean?

Being aware of the food choices you have for your pets allows you to choose which is best for them. In turn, your dogs grow healthy and happy, which can also mean a better and stress-free life for you.

So, now that you know about natural dog food, there is definitely no excuse to feed your pups unhealthy and even toxic ingredients that can be found in many commercial dog food products. After all, a healthy lifestyle is not just limited to humans. So, don’t let your four-legged pals be left behind on this health trend. They deserve to enjoy life while staying fit and full of vitality, too.

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