Deck the Home: 3 Great Benefits of Building a Deck ASAP

Did you know that roughly 20% of new homes come with a deck? So, chances are that you need to add one yourself after buying your house.

If you are wondering if building a deck is worth the effort, there are many reasons to make the investment.

Read on for 3 great reasons why adding a custom deck to your home is worth it.

1. Increase Home Value

Many people understand the benefits of residential decks and even look for homes with this feature. So, if you do ever decide to sell your house, it will be more appealing to buyers.

In addition, home desks are much cheaper than other home renovations because you do not have to include any electrical, plumbing, or insulation. All you need is quality lumber that you can get from wholesale providers like Gerber Lumber & Hardware.

Not only is the ROI high because of its cost-effect build, but a deck also adds square footage to your home (unofficially.) Plus, you can also use this space later if you decide to upgrade to a complete addition. This would officially add square footage to your home, making the selling price higher.

2. Provides Party Space

One of the best benefits of decks for home is the chance to entertain your guests. Having an open space like a deck allows your friends and family to mingle without bumping heads.

You can include home deck ideas that incorporate outdoor kitchens, BBQs, fire pits, and even entertainment centers. Including these activities outside makes it extra special as you get to enjoy the fresh air and wide-open space.

Without a deck, your backyard may go unused without the proper area for sitting and cooking. So, a deck spares your home from potential party fails by moving the fun to the yard.

3. Improve Outdoor Aesthetics

A beautiful backyard cannot be complete without a deck as it is the gateway and transitions into a well-landscaped oasis. Therefore, to have a pleasant backyard you must build a deck first.

And the good news if you build the deck yourself, you can choose the final features, from wood and stains to lighting and furniture choices. So, creating your perfect getaway is right at your fingertips when you decide to build a deck.

Continue your deck well past the entrance to include a walkway, bridge, and sitting area to make your backyard a peaceful sanctuary. Then add accessories like potted plants, hammocks, and fountains to your deck space, displaying your personality. The possibilities for customization and decoration are endless.

Building a Deck is Simple and Quick

Now that you know the benefits of building a deck you can get started right away. That is because the design and construction are easy and can be completed quickly. This means that you can begin enjoying your new deck in no time.

Search our Home Improvement articles for more ways to upgrade your living space.

This means that you can begin enjoying your new deck in no time.

Search our Home Improvement articles for more ways to upgrade your living space.

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