Daradia: The Pain Clinic is bringing changes in pain practice in India and Asia

Pain management is a new specialty of medicine and the 34th specialty recognized in the USA. This branch of medicine treats subacute and chronic pain for different reasons like cancer, slipped disc, nerve entrapments, etc. The physicians who treat pain are called pain physicians.

Pain physicians use analgesics and other nerve medicines for managing pain. But the essential option for the management of pain is known as interventional pain management. These are some minimally invasive procedures such as nerve blocks to take care of the pain longer or permanently. The hospital or clinics specialized in managing pain are called pain management clinics or pain clinics, or pain management centers.

Daradia: The Pain Clinic is a hospital for pain management. It is situated in Kolkata, India. It has received the “Best Pain Clinic” award from the Indian Society for Study of Pain (ISSP), which is the Indian chapter of the International Association for Study of Pain (IASP). IASP is the apex professional body of pain management in the world, which provides guidelines for pain management.

Daradia: The Pain Clinic also received the “Excellence in Pain Practice” award by the World Institute of Pain, another professional body for interventional pain management. This award was the first time in the whole of Asia.

In Bengali, ‘DARADIA’ means someone, who can feel others’ pain. In the same way, Daradia: The Pain Clinic feels others’ pain and manages the pain. Daradia offers treatment for headaches, chronic spinal pain like neck pain & back pain, chronic knee pain, cancer-related pain, shoulder pain, etc., due to migraine, trigeminal neuralgia and other nerve pain, different types of arthritis, slipped disc or prolapsed disc, etc. Daradia uses different advanced procedures like Ozone disc nucleolysis, radio-Frequency ablation procedures, spinal cord or dorsal column stimulation, endoscopic discectomy, vertebroplasty & kyphoplasty intrathecal morphine pump, cryoablation or cryoneurolysis, etc.

Daradia: The Pain Clinic started as a part of a multi-disciplinary hospital at Phoenix Hospital in Kolkata in 1999. It was founded by Dr. Gautam Das, a Pain Physician with lots of experience in pain practice. Daradia was registered in Sept 2008 as an independent pain clinic and day-care center in 2008. It was inaugurated by the Commissioner of Police of Kolkata Gautam Mohan Chakraborty. Later in 2018, Daradia shifted to a new hospital with 12 beds. It was a fully functioning dedicated pain management hospital with in-patients’ beds for the first time in India.

Daradia pioneered the many pain management procedures in India and popularized those procedures in India. So the patient comes at this pain clinic from India and many other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Kuwait, etc.

Daradia has published many types of research, and it has a team and encourages investigations in pain management. A study on ozone nucleolysis was first published in the year of  2009. This was the first original research article on ozone treatment from India. Daradia have many other publications including a recent publication in 2021 on cryoneurolysis in sacroiliac joint pain. This was the first published article on cryoablation or cryoneurolysis in the Sacroiliac joint. Daradia has institutional ethics committee which is approved by the “Central Drugs Standard Control Organization” of the Government of India.

Daradia has trained more than two thousand pain physicians from all over the globe. Doctors came here from 41 countries like the USA, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Bangladesh, etc. They attended many short pain management courses or pain management fellowship programs organized in association with Aesculap Academy. Some workshops were affiliated with international organizations, like the World Institute of Pain or the International Association for Study of Pain.

Benny Malakoane, health minister of Free State (one state of South Africa) of South Africa, came to Kolkata in 2015 for pain management training. He appreciated and recommended Gautam Das and Daradia: The Pain Clinic for the training of doctors in pain management.

It features a skill development lab where there are indigenously made simulation models. These give excellent hands-on experiences to the course participants for learning complex interventional pain management procedures.

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