Customer Service Tips for Supplement Manufacturers

When running a supplement manufacturing company, customer service will be a critical part of your operation. Your business clients need to talk to representatives from your company to ask questions, learn more about products, and resolve issues they are having. Solid and reliable customer service will help your business thrive, as the supplement industry has grown significantly and is highly competitive. As a manufacturer, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors through quality products and top-notch customer service.

Here are a few tips to help you provide the best possible customer service.

Ensure your call center has the capacity you need.

When setting up your call center, make sure it has the call center solution software appropriate for your business’s size and enough phone representatives to get to all of the calls in a reasonable amount of time. Making clients sit on hold for long periods is disrespectful of their time and not good customer service. Determining capacity can be difficult if you are starting a small business. However, choose call center software that can be easily scaled as your incoming calls and outbound calls increase. Likewise, start small and hire more members for your support team as the number of calls grows. Scaling your business is an aspect you need to plan out while you are still small so you can do so without losing any business when the time comes.

Give your representatives the words to use.

Training your support team members will give them the vocabulary to use when speaking to clients on the phone. For example, gummy manufacturer, manufacturing capacity, custom formulation, nutritional supplements, development process, quality standards, and replicate expertise are all terms and topics they will need to be fluent in to help manufacturing customers over the phone. When a customer asks a specific question about the manufacturing process or the products, the representative on the phone should answer the question or quickly assess the information without leaving the client on hold or getting additional help. Excellent customer service is fast and thorough. The better trained your staff is, the better their ability to offer the best possible service.

Offer the services your clients need.

Be sure you are offering the services your clients and prospective clients are looking for in a supplement manufacturer. For example, in-house private label design and custom formulation are services that clients will want when seeking a supplement manufacturer. If these are services you aren’t offering, they will have to look elsewhere, so even if they come back to your company with a custom formula and label, that is potential revenue that your company missed out on. In terms of service, you are failing to meet the needs of your customers.

Stay in contact with your customers to see what additional services you can add to meet your clients’ needs. This can be done through a quality assurance process within the call center. It is as simple as having representatives call clients to complete a quick survey about possible services. You can even offer your clients a thank-you for their participation in your survey. Adding services as needed will also show your customers that you are listening to the feedback they are providing.

Offering high-quality service to your customers mainly involves consistency and effort. Even if your representatives don’t have all the answers, going the extra mile to get the answers and get back to the client will not go unnoticed by them. Being polite and considerate of the customers’ time is also crucial. Too often, customers feel like their business doesn’t matter to the larger companies.

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