Crucial Considerations About Purchasing a Log House in the Smoky Mountains

Real estate is and will continue to be one of the most profitable investment industries in the United States. The returns realized from real estate investing can be tremendous, from rental homes to office complexes to vacation homes. However, of all these, the ones which generate more cash flow are the vacation homes.

Many of these homes are around unique tourist locations; one of the most popular is the Smoky Rocky Mountains in Tennessee. Situated on a 500,000 expanse of woody land, the Smoky Mountains is one of the most visited sites in the United States. Thus, it makes perfect sense to purchase some log cabins for sale in the Smoky Mountains.

If you are interested in owning a log cabin in the Smoky Mountains, one which can earn you enough cash flow, kindly read to the end of this article to get information on the steps needed. However, before we dive into the primary details, let us briefly discuss the nature of log cabins.

What Is a Log Cabin?

Just as the name goes, a log cabin is a house or cottage made from wood logs. Commonly found in the woods and open fields with abundant trees, it is also a common sight at the Smoky Mountains. Log cabins have been around for a long time, and they possess a peculiar homely aura that most tourists won’t. 

Their closeness to nature is another attractive factor, especially for families who love camping in the wild and taking adventures. Log cabins are safe havens in areas frequently patrolled by forest rangers and other associated safety personnel despite their location in the woods. Hence, log cabins can be considered great investments.

Log cabins are usually large-sized; thus, there is no need to worry whether all the members of your prospective tenant’s family will fit in. There are many secluded Smoky Mountains cabins for sale. In addition, you can always ensure intimate privacy with the blackout roller blind.

Why The Smoky Mountains Is a Great Location for Your Log Cabin

Asides from the region’s beauty, the Smoky Mountains are one of the most peaceful areas in the country. From the still breeze to the ubiquitous mist, the area presents a unique level of tranquility and calm. Little wonder it remains one of the most visited areas in the United States. 

The area receives around 11.3 million tourists every year, recording just a little over 12 million in 2020 despite the pandemic. The Smoky Mountains is also home to Dolly Park, a theme park associated with Dolly Parton. This fact may not be surprising since Dolly grew up in a town not too far from the park’s current location.

Despite these impressive numbers, only a few investors have taken advantage of the flourishing tourist market in the area by purchasing the property. While this is maybe because they may not be aware of the numerous opportunities available in the area, it may also result from their inability to make the best choices.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Log Cabin

From our above discussions, we have already established the great opportunities offered by the smoky Mountains in terms of real estate investment. Nevertheless, it would be best to do your homework before starting an investment, and you have to consider some factors before purchasing Smoky Mountain cabins for sale by their owner.

They include, but are not limited to the following:

The Location

Since the focus of this article is the Smoky Mountains, which we have already established to be a good investment location, there is no need to stress so much on this part. However, should our focus be shifted away from the Smoky Mountains, it is essential to check out the viability of the location and its implications on profit and income generation.

Do well to ask yourself these crucial questions before settling for a given location:

1. How accessible is the location?

2. What is the traffic volume of tourists and other customers to the said location?

3. Is the location a great one? Etc.

Your answers to these questions and more determine if the location is excellent for investment.

The Cost

Facilities, location, quality, and size Hence, a highly-priced property should be worth all the hype. Nevertheless, not all properties reflect their cost as some are over-priced or have numerous repair needs. It is vital to check out a house physically before purchasing it to ascertain if it is right.

In general, log cabins for sale in Smoky Mountains require much maintenance to keep the logs from getting wet, especially during the rains. It also needs protection against pets that may affect the house’s longevity. Furthermore, some log houses may have mold infestations, thus reducing their beauty. Installing dehumidifiers and a sound ventilation system helps reduce such risks.

Overall, do well to avoid houses that require too much maintenance costs, especially when looking for Tennessee Mountain cabins for sale.

The Size

When purchasing a log cabin in the Smokies, you have to think of your potential client and what they will need. Would they be families, couples, or single persons? If they are families, will the families be large-sized or small-sized? 

Providing answers to such questions will help determine the size of log cabins you should purchase. It may also work to dictate how much the property will cost.

Remoteness and Ease of Access

The Smoky Mountains is a wild park, full of nature’s wonder and surrounded by beautiful mountains. Though a remote location, it is easily accessible, especially to residents of Tennessee and its environs. There is abundant access to internet facilities – a determining factor especially for tourists who cannot go without news from the outside world.

It is vital to ensure that any property you wish to purchase in the area has access to all these amenities, as an absence of these will have you losing potential customers.

Where to Buy a Log Cabin in The Smoky Mountains

Most experts say it is almost impossible to go wrong when investing in the Smoky Mountains due to its lucrative position. Nevertheless, getting the top locations means more profit for you, and analysis has shown that Gatlinburg and Sevierville are the best with log cabins for sale in the Smoky Mountains.

The Right Time to Buy

One may say that the Smoky Mountains never go away; hence, there should be no need to invest on time. Though the first part of the claim is genuine, the second one may not be. Investors are beginning to see potential in the Smoky Mountains, and just as it is in every other industry if you snooze, you lose.

Therefore, the right time to purchase one of the many log cabins for sale in the Smoky Mountains is now. To get started, contact a reputable housing agent today.

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