UEFA EURO 2020: 3-5 Croatia vs Spain Full Match Highlights

Croatia vs Spain Full Match Highlights EIGHT-GOAL extra time thriller

Croatia vs Spain Full Match Highlights – In this game of UEFA Euro 2020 Croatia and Spain teams are face to face. This match is being played in Parken. This stadium is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

First Half Croatia 1-1 Spain

Spain dominated from the first minute of the first half. Spain’s team had a heavy position on Croatia in this game. But Pedri’s mistake in the 20th minute gave Croatia a 1-0 lead.

This goal did not break Spain’s morale and they soon made a comeback. Pablo Sarabia’s goal in the 38th minute put Spain on the level.

At the end of the first half, the score of the game was tied at 1-1.

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Second Half Croatia 3-3 Spain

Spain started the second half in the same way as the first half. Spain adopted an attacking form throughout the game. Soon they also got the benefit of it. César Azpilicueta’s goal in the 57th minute took Spain 2-1 lead in the game.

Croatia’s team was thinking of making a comeback in this game when Spain scored another goal in the 76th minute. This goal of Ferran Torres gave Spain an unbeatable lead in this game. Thanks to this goal, Spain took 3-1 lead in this game.

When only a short time was left for the game to end, then Croatia made a comeback in this game. Mislav Oršić’s goal in the 85th minute put Croatia on a score of 3–3 in this game.

The goal that the Croatian team had hoped for was fulfilled by Mario Pašali’s goal in extra time of the second half. With this goal, Croatia leveled 3–3 with Spain.

And game was proceeded to 30 minutes extra time.

Extra Time First Half Croatia 3-5 Spain

Croatia’s team made a good comeback in this game. But where was the Spanish team also going to be behind? Álvaro Morata’s goal in the 100th minute gave Spain the lead once again in the game. Thanks to this goal, Spain was now 4-3 ahead with a 1 goal lead in this game.

Croatia’s team was just emerging from this goal that in the 103rd minute Mikel Oyarzabal scored one more goal. Now Spain was ahead by 5-3 in this game. This goal once again broke the morale of the Croatia team.

Extra Time Second Half Croatia 3-5 Spain

Spain adopted a defensive form in the second half of extra time. And did not give any chance to the Croatian team so that they could score. This half ended without a goal. The hope that the Croatia team had raised in the second half was broken.

Spain won this extra time thriller game by 5-3.

UEFA EURO 2020: Croatia vs Spain Full Match Highlights

Croatia vs Spain Full Match Highlights
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Spain won this thriller game by defeating Croatia 3-5. With this win, Spain cemented its place in the quarterfinals. On other hand with defeat in this game, the journey of Croatia ended here in this tournament.


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