The 7 BEST Credit Cards of 2021

Best Travel Card

American Express Platinum Credit Card

The next category that we have on this list is going to be the best travel credit card so this is personally one of my top three credit. This is going to be the American Express Platinum Credit Card. So in terms of credits you can find yourself getting 200 for Uber rides or Uber eats every single year. You can get a hundred dollar statement credit towards saks Fifth Avenue and you can also find yourself getting a ton of amex offer which have been killer this past year. In terms of free benefits that American express is handing out to their card holders. This card does come with a pretty significant annual fee and many people are concerned about the break even and whether or not this card would cost them more money or give them benefits based off of what we’ve seen from 2020 and even the beginning of 2021 american express is not going to hesitate in order to keep current card holders especially while many people are restricted in traveling now. Even if that wasn’t the case this is still a magnificent card for traveling. You can find yourself getting marriot gold status, hilton gold status, you can get elite car rental status. So with the american express platinum card you can find yourself getting a ton of free benefits.

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