Creative and Easy DIY Costumes for Any Occasion

If you’re looking to make a DIY costume for yourself or your kids this year, you’ve come to the right place.

Between Halloween and all other dress-up events at schools and at parties, Americans spend billions every year. There’s no denying that it’s fun for the whole family, but if you’re looking to save a bit of money, you’re going to have to get creative.

In this post, we’re going to tell you some of the best DIY costumes that you can make this year. Whether you’re doing it for your own party or you’re sending your child off to school, check these costumes out and get some inspiration.

Being Bernie

One of the biggest memes from the last few years was Bernie Sanders’ hilarious and grumpy appearance at President Biden’s inauguration. Decked out in his winter coat and mittens, people everywhere rejoiced in the mood that was Vermont’s long-standing Senator.

All you need for this DIY costume is your own grey-green jacket, a Covid mask, and a pair of nice wool mittens. Oh, and a chair to sit cross-legged in all evening.

DIY Scarecrow Costume

Now for a classic. Whether you’re taking inspiration from The Wizard Of Oz or the one in your parents’ corn field, a DIY scarecrow costume is both easy and perpetually well-received.

Get yourself a brown outfit of any kind, a straw hat, and stick a few extra pieces of straw around your clothes. You can do some makeup for good measure, but straw is the real distinctive quality of scarecrows.

A Ghost

When you’re feeling too lazy to come up with legitimate DIY costume ideas, the bedsheet ghost will always be there for you. Find your whitest sheet, drape it over yourself, then find a friend you trust to cut eye and mouth holes. Done.

DIY Couples Costumes

Has your significant other been bothering you to come up with DIY couples costumes? Here are a few that won’t destroy your soul:

Wayne and Garth

Everyone loves Wayne’s World – this is a fact. Don your best blonde and black wigs, get the flannels out, and cut holes in some old light-wash jeans. Whoever draws Garth will need to find some large black-framed glasses as well.

Dumb And Dumber

This one takes a little bit more commitment, but it’s just as good. It’ll be easier to find the Dumb And Dumber suits at a costume shop, but you could always buy your own suits and dye one baby blue and one creamsicle. Check out Costumes Heaven for a guide.

Avocado Toast

If you and your better half aren’t cinephiles, then try out avocado toast for your DIY costume. One person has to wear a toast-shaped cardboard cutout over their shirt, while the other does an avocado one. As long as you don’t leave each other’s sides, it’ll make sense.

Choosing the Best DIY Costumes

Now that you’ve got some great ideas for DIY costumes, you can hit up the craft store and turn that inspiration into a grade-A costume. Dressing up shouldn’t be stressful, so if you’re not into the whole rigamarole, then make it easy with ideas like these.

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