Cool Ideas For The Kids’ Bedroom

Childhood days are the most cherished days for most people as many memories are created that last forever. A bedroom is a place where memories are created. It can be falling asleep while listening to grandparents’ bedtime stories or lullabies, or fighting over toys with siblings. The kids’ bedroom is the centre of growing up days. With so much importance attached to it, it is only apparent that the bedroom is decorated in such a way that it matches their unique personalities. When it comes to furnishing it, there are tons of options available from websites like Wakefit, but before that, here are some design ideas that you can use to decorate. 

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Use a Bunk Bed

Suppose you have less floor space but enough height with high ceilings that you can use to your advantage. If you have more than one kid, an excellent furniture idea is to have a bunk bed. You can add a customised staircase railing as part of bunk bedroom ideas so that your child can reach the height safely. If you need extra storage, then the bunk bed with storage is a great idea as drawers can be added for more storage. To make it multifunctional, add huge mirrors opposite to windows to make it brighter and more spacious and natural. 

Add a Pop of Colour

It’s a kids’ bedroom, so it has to be colourful! One of the best kids bedroom ideas that anyone with the least idea of interior design would do is add vibrant colours. Play with bright colours like turquoise, yellow, lime, green, and pink. Add patterns with paint that are vivid that can eliminate the monotony of single colour. For instance, if you decorate a boy’s room, add a blue headboard to the overall scheme of things. It adds drama, dimension, and depth which is unique. To make the room pop add wardrobes that are colourful and have mirrors. It can make the room look bigger than it is but make sure that it is installed safely away from the reach of the kids. 

If you want to add colour to the room without spending too much on kids bedroom wall paint, add funky wallpapers. Place it on one or two walls that can massively change the room’s appearance. But while making the purchase ensure that it is scratch-resistant and water-resistant. 

Create Cool Themes

Most kids have their favourite cartoon character be it from the superhero characters, Disney world, cars, animals, or others. So based on your child’s favourite, you can make a theme out of it. These, when appropriately crafted, can add a huge smile to your kid’s face. You can add to the wallpaper, wardrobe handles, bed shape, etc. You can add this theme to whatever extent you want. If the kid is an animal lover, then you can use picture frames, wallpaper, cushion covers, etc., to give a cool but dramatic makeover to your kid’s bedroom. 

Just Add Wall Stickers.

Not in the mood to spend too much money on interiors but still want a refresh? Don’t worry; you can still achieve it. Add a huge sticker on the wall and easily revamp the bedroom. It has the ability to grab the attention of people who enter the room. Add focus lighting or artwork and let it flaunt the dramatic wall sticker. 

Add Unconventional Accessories

If your kid has outgrown the cartoon character stage and is a teenager, you will have to use some unconventional ideas. Flaunt any of your teenager’s hobbies, add accessories related to add character and personality to the room. It also brings out their personality and gives them a sense of belonging. For instance, if your kid is an avid badminton enthusiast, then you can place the rackets on the wall interestingly. Add colourful paint or wallpaper and hang those racquets. Additionally, you can also add swords, footballs, action characters, or other such accessories to make the room interesting. You can also apply the same idea to other hobbies of your child; just ensure there are strategically placed. 

Add Multifunctional Furniture

Short of space in your kids’ bedroom? No worries, you can still have all the necessary furniture. There is a great way to fit all the furniture like the bed, study table, and the play area in one place. Have a customised bed with a study table and a side table. Check out some cool dressing table designs for girls with storage for added functionality. Have floating shelves for keeping toys and other accessories. You can also add angular shelves to make it look more attractive. 

When it comes to decorating your kid’s bedroom, you know best. Use the above unique and modern kids bedroom ideas and create a futuristic bedroom while reflecting your child’s personality. Also, remember that the kids grow fast and their interests change, so choose accordingly.

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