How to connect the projector to PC/laptop or TV?

How to connect the projector – Connecting a computer, laptop or TV box to a projector is quite simple and intuitive. In the meantime, choose which cable you want to make the connection with. The cables can be mainly of 3 types:

To connect the video projector to a TV decoder or DVD player via an RCA cable (yellow cable for video) you only need to plug the cable into the video projector input and select the INPUT or SOURCE item until the image is projected.

To connect one of the affordable projectors in India to your notebook running Windows 7 or 10, you do not need to install special software or drivers. After choosing the type of cable, VGA, or HDMI, with which to put the PC and projector into communication, you can now turn on the projector and select the desired input type from the menu on the projector itself using the ‘input’ or ‘source’ button.

The image will still appear blue or black, because you must also give the command to the notebook to output the signal to the projector.

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To do this, a combination with the FN function key (located at the bottom near the ctrl key) pressed simultaneously with the F5 key or another F key on which is the symbol of a screen is sufficient (this depends on the brand of the notebook and may vary from F2 to F9).

At this point, the duplicate option will be shown, show desktop only, extend etc. with which to choose whether to duplicate the projection and see it at the same time always on the computer or turn off the screen and leave only the projection active.

To connect the projector to a desktop PC instead, with WINDOWS 10 click on the WIN button, type SCREEN, among the items that appear you will find PROJECT ON ANOTHER SCREEN and choose whether to duplicate the screen both on the monitor and the projector or only from the projector.

To connect a projector to a MAC, from the APPLE menu choose SYSTEM PREFERENCES and then MONITOR and select the item relating to the projector, under the DISPOSITION tab you can choose whether or not to duplicate the projection.

Most common problems:

If you are unable to connect the projector to the PC, below you can check the most common problems:

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