Common Forced Air Heating System Issues

Did you know that more modern homes have started using forced air heating? Forced air heating uses air as a heat transfer medium, relying on ductwork and vents for proper air distribution.

Forced air heating can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, even in the coldest temperatures. Keep reading, and we will walk you through what is a forced-air heating system and the most common issues you may have with it.

Reduce Efficiency

A forced-air heating system is effective in heating a larger space but not efficient. There are two ways efficiency decreases with forced air, including general wear and tear and the need for HVAC repair, and the ducts can be inefficient.

If there are efficiency issues, this can cause your energy bill price to rise. Also, if you need a lot of HVAC maintenance, this can add to additional, unexpected payments.

Air Quality

If your HVAC system isn’t filtering air correctly, this can cause poor indoor air quality by bringing in allergens and pollutants. There can be a direct buildup in your forced air-eating system and clogs up in the air ducts.

This again would lead to forced air heating system repair, which can cost up to $500. You should always consult a professional if you have an issue with your system because the longer you wait, the worse the problem may get.

Damaged Filters

If you don’t clean your filters regularly, it will increase the risk that debris will fill your ducts. Dirty filters can also cause your forced air heating system to work even harder to heat your house, which can lead to a lot of replacement parts and repairs.

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Incorrect Size

If you get an HVAC system that’s too small, it’s going to take more effort for it to heat or cool your house, again resulting in higher bills because you have to be running it constantly.

If a system is too big, you will have to worry about wear and tear because your system will be turning on and off more often, depending on the needs in your house. This can also affect your energy bills.

In either case, you should consult a professional to ensure you get the right size system for your home. Forced air heating systems are an efficient and cost-saving way to heat and cool your house.

Forced Air System

Now that you know the issues you can run into with a forced-air system, you can consult a professional before installing this system in your home to ensure you get the right system.

Some common HVAC issues include reduced efficiency, poor air quality, damaged filters, and having too small or big of a system can affect how much maintenance you’ll need and the price of your energy bills.

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