Cleaning and Home Organization ADHD Hacks for Special Brains

ADHD used to be a disorder that few people would pay attention to. Stereotypically in children, it is seen as rambunctious behavior and restlessness. But having ADHD as an adult can severely impact a person’s life — especially in their homes.

That’s why there are home organization ADHD hacks to help people keep a clean home. With these hacks, people can live more comfortably with ADHD and be comfortable at home.

Keep reading below to learn some ADHD home tips.

The Best Home Organization ADHD Hack — Outsourcing

ADHD is a difficult kind of dysfunction to live with because it impacts every aspect of your life. What would be simple and easy for one person can be difficult for someone with ADHD. Sometimes, people with ADHD simply can’t clean on their own.

The best way to keep a home clean then is to outsource the cleaning to someone else. By hiring weekly maid services, people with ADHD can make sure their homes are clean without having to do anything. These kinds of services can even do more than just clean.

By coming routinely, they can help people stick to a routine and start creating daily habits based on their maid services. Maids can also clean better than the average person, cleaning every nook and cranny of dust and filth. They’ll clean things you never even think of, keeping your home tidy.

Build Habits That Avoid Cuts Down on Clutter

If you can’t afford maid services to help keep your home clean, then you can start small to do it yourself. One of the best ways to keep a clean home is to cut down on clutter. Over time, junk tends to appear in everyone’s homes but it can happen more often for people with ADHD.

They are naturally attracted to projects and that they then tend to gravitate away from. So, they may fill their homes with half-finished projects that simply don’t get done. The best way to avoid this kind of clutter is to not purchase those materials in the first place.

Of course, that won’t stop people with ADHD from investing themselves in a new passion project. So instead, they can try to get more comfortable with throwing stuff out. Never stay too attached to one project if you know you’ll find another.

Be Trendy — Get Rid of Cabinet Doors

A simple trick for keeping a house clean can also be seen as a cute design trend — getting rid of cabinets. All you have to do is remove your cabinet doors and people with ADHD will have a better memory of the items they have. They are constantly exposed to it, helping repair object permanence.

And when they are constantly exposed to items at home, they will have a better sense of whether to buy new items. This can help avoid unnecessarily buying groceries or art supplies. It helps make your home ADHD friendly!

And so just by getting rid of cabinet doors, you can avoid clutter from building up at home. An ADHD friendly home is a happy home.

You’re Not Alone With ADHD

There are tons of home organization ADHD hacks online, from people who have developed ways to live with the illness. It’s hard to say you are ever “cured” of ADHD; over time, it becomes a part of your personality. But there are ways to mitigate its effects and eventually live with it.

To learn more about how you can improve your ADHD life, just keep reading our website here.

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