Choosing the right rugs for your office space

Your office space, whether at home or in a commercial office building, should be a place that inspires creativity and productivity. And as somewhere you are likely to spend a lot of time, you also want it to be a comfortable and pleasant environment.

The addition of a rug can create a quiet, comfortable and warm office space. Good for large open spaces, a rug can dampen sound and improve the insulation of your working space, while also adding style and interest to the space.

Invest in high-quality rugs for an office space that will last for years and maintain its stylish appearance.

The right size for the space

When buying a rug for an office, you need to choose large floor rugs to fit the space. You may just have a small home office or a large open area, but you need to measure the space to help you determine the right rug size you need.

While it is often recommended to go for a bigger rug rather than one that is too small, be careful to leave enough space between the rug and the walls, as you don’t want to overwhelm the room or have a rug that crawls up the walls.

Having furniture sitting on top of rugs anchors them in the room and makes everything feel more cohesive. Choose a rug big enough to ensure that you don’t have pieces of furniture resting on the edge. With desk chairs constantly being moved in and out, you need to make sure they’re not constantly rolling over the edge of the rug otherwise it will cause damage and the rug will wear more quickly.

You also want to keep enough space for any doorways, so it remains easy to open and close doors without them dragging across the rug.

If you have a large office space, you may need multiple rugs to cover the area, while for a home office one rug is likely to be perfect.

High-quality rugs are available in a range of sizes making it easy to find the right size for your office space, though some rug retailers like Hali, also offer custom sizing to help you get the perfect size rug for whatever space you need it.

Low pile and low maintenance

While a soft fluffy rug adds a nice sense of cosiness, it may not be the most practical option for an office space.

Low pile rugs are the ideal option for an office space. With less thickness and density, they allow easier movement of office chairs, while still being able to accommodate heavy furniture sitting on top of them. Low pile rugs are also easier to vacuum due to the flat surface.

For an office, you may want to avoid rugs made from materials that shed a lot as this can require increased cleaning and upkeep. You want a no-fuss rug for an office environment.

Avoid materials that are too delicate as they will get crushed under the heavy furniture often placed in an office space. Look for high-quality rugs that offer greater durability and are easy to clean.

Wool is the ideal material for an office rug. Soft and warm, wool is a durable material that looks smart and stylish and is quite low maintenance. Hand-knotted wool rugs are known for being quite durable, making them good for high-traffic areas.

Adding style to an office space

A rug can add some personality to an office space, whether you prefer the look of traditional or modern rugs.

Choose colours that evoke motivation and productivity, as some colours can make you feel energised, while others may be more soothing.

For a home office, you may want to create a cosy environment, with an interior style that works with the rest of your home. This may determine the style of rug you choose as well as the colour palette. You have more freedom with a personal working space to show off your creativity and choose patterns that reflect your style.

For a commercial office space, practicality may be more important than style, but there are many designs to choose from that will work for professional spaces. If you’re buying a rug for an office space in which you’ll be meeting with clients and customers, you want a rug that will look stylish and professional, not one that will easily look dirty or worn out. For high-quality rugs available in traditional and modern styles, and everything in between, Hali has a great range of designs that are sure to suit your office space.

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